Nine PAX and two honorable mentions, took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it. 

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: FroYo, Catheter, Breaker, Caveman, Mel, Scout, Moneyball and Samsonite.  Vault and 2.0 Master Builder (MB) came for a bit before MB gave out. 

         * Master Builder it’s ok!  Most all of us didn’t pace properly, given 100% and ran out of gas. Good lesson to learn early ūüėČ

Warm Up:
A loop around the AO, SSH, Cotton pickers and Good mornings

The Thang: 

  • DORA; the pax counted off by two’s and:
  • While group #1 ran around the AO group #2 performed Merkins (100), LBCs (200), Squats (300)
  • Upon group #1’s return…..which seemed to take a bit longer this morning than most….they picked up where group #2 was

The pax then ambled up to the football field for some…..SPOKE:

  • CENTER – 10 Burpees
  • In each CORNER was a plaque which identified which of the following the pax were to perform.  Their choices:
    • 25 Squats
    • 25 Monkey Humpers
    • 25 Lunge to knee drive
    • 25 Single Leg Deadlift to knee drive

YHC was a bit challenged for time so the pax didn’t complete a full round of the Spoke before we mosey’d to the playground swing sets for some¬†Bruce Lee

American Hammer    25 IC

LBCs                                25 IC

Freddy Mercury          25 IC

Long Slow Flutter      10 IC

WWII Situps                 10 OYO

Good work men!


“A dishonest man spreads strife, and a whisperer separates close friends.”

‚ÄĒProverbs 16:28

My grandfather, Ferris, held many jobs.¬† None of them were well-paying or high profile.¬† Yet, most everything he taught me I have used and still use today.¬† One wisdom gem, “The thing you can steal from yourself, is your integrity.”

Integrity means doing the right thing, even when nobody’s watching

Grandpa learned the hard way, that when you tell someone you’re gonna do something you need to follow through and do it. ¬†Most of us call this¬†keeping your word. ¬†Let that simmer for a while….let it reduce down until you see at the core of keeping you word is integrity. ¬†Integrity assumes, no….it demands…..accountability.

Having character where you make/keep promises and commitments, do the right thing in every area of your life, you develop a reputation as a good & ¬†trustworthy person.¬† You may not be liked at times, (cause sometimes the truth hurts) but you’ll have the respect of folks.

Do you know the difference between reputation and character?

Reputation:  a favorable & publicly recognized name or standing for merit, achievement, reliability, etc.

Character:  the aggregate of features & traits that form an individual

Your reputation depends on what other people think you are….your character is WHO YOU ARE, regardless if someone’s looking or not.¬†

So, what means more to you?


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