In like a Lion…

9 PAX answered the call this morning, took the DRP, and got better because of it. 

QIC: Meat Sweats

The Pax: Josey, Skyhook, Squirrel, Aruba, Everest, Witch Doctor, Neo, and Chitwood. 

Warm Up:  Good Mornings, SSH, Daisy Pickers, Windmills, Arm Circles, Finkle Swings, and Floor Sweepers.  Box Trot 2 laps. 

The Thang: 

Quarter Pounder:

Sprint 25 yards, do 25 Merkins, run backwards to goal.

Sprint 50 yards, do 50 Squats, run backwards to goal.

Sprint 75 yards, do 75 Mountain Climbers, run backwards to goal.

Sprint 100 yards, do 100 SSH, run backwards to goal.


Mosey to a steep hill (Hill of pain).

Run forward down the hill and run backwards up the hill

Repeato for “four-ish” minutes.

Prisoner Indian Run, 2 Laps          


Announcements:  March 21 will be a busy; Planting new F3 in Albemarle and ”Speed for Need” at  Dash for Down Syndrome 5K in Charlotte.

We still need more donations for Diapers for Froyo’s shortie

Prayer Requests: None, but thanksgiving for the opportunity to exercise together.

“In like a lion, out like a lamb.”   We started March with a stout workout with very little mumblechatter especially during the hill workout.  Perhaps Chitwood will join us later in the month for the “lamb” workout.


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