I’m as good once as I ever was…..

Six PAX took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it. 

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: FroYo, Scout, Flying Tomato, MadBum and Josey 

Warm Up:
SSH, Cotton pickers and Good mornings

The Thang:  There was a melody in the gloom this morning. Faint, but you could hear it. 

Thanking you for all the times
You’ve come to my Q that  I’ve made for you
I see your faces before me now,
Grimacing as if you know somehow, 
You’ve been a bit smoked today
I hope the Q didn’t lead you astray. 

Or was it FroYo saying “I’ve seen you here before” and Squirrel saying, “I’ve been here a time or two”.  So we began our knee friendly bootcamp.

Round One:

  • Warrior One        50 Sec
  • Warrior Two        50 Sec
  • Chair                       50 Sec

Round Two:

  • Merkins                  20 IC
  • LBD’s                       20 IC
  • Merkins                   20 IC 

Round Three:

  • Down Dog        50 Sec
  • Low Plank        50 Sec
  • Fire hydrant     25 Sec each leg
  • Low Plank         50 Sec
  • Mule Kick           25 Sec each leg

 Round Four:

  • Boat Pose                50 Sec
  • Freddy Mercury    20 IC
  • Heels to heaven    20 IC
  • Long Slow Flutter 20 IC
  • The 100 ….100

 Round Five:

  • T’s                            30 Sec
  • W’s                          30 Sec
  • Aquaman             30 Sec



Well men, as many of us lean forward in the foxholes to engage the BRR with vigor YHC has finally come upon reality…..getting older isn’t for the faint of heart.

There are a few of us that have been on the Disabled List (DL) for a while now and some that are feeling the rigors of preparing….

“I ain’t as good as I once was, I got a few years on me now.  But there was a time….Back in my prime When I  could really lay it down.

And if you need a Q today, Then I might have just enough.  I ain’t as good as I once was, But I’m as good once as I ever was.”

So don’t double-dog dare me now

‘Cause I’d have to call your bluff.

I ain’t as good as I once was,

But I’m as good once as I ever was.

For those that are going, let’s have fun at the Blue Ridge Relay.  For those not going, you will be missed….and we’ll carry you with us.  Let us listen to our body wisdom and know when it is telling us we are injuring ourselves or if it is just really uncomfortable.  Let us lift one another up, encourage, help and cheer our brothers accomplishments.


P.S. Special thanks to Kate Wolf and Toby Keith

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