19 Pax took the DRP, answered the call this morning and got better because of it

QIC: Squirrel
The Pax: 
Guinness, Three Rivers, FNG Kyle (AKA Torch), Mel, FNG Josh (AKA Pretty Bird), Seeker, Kaffee, Bow Tie, FroYo, Scout, Sprocket, McFly, Moneyball, Josey, Fragile, Dockers, Aruba and an honorable mention to Breaker who came REALLY late. I mean he made MadBum look like he comes early.

Warm Up:  Arm circles, Windmills, Cotton pickers and a loop around the AO.

The Thang:  The Sandhills Pax are an amazing crew who do get down, but always (sometimes with help from the other pax) get up again.  With that in mind we did…SSH until….

  •  – â€‹Chumbaburpee done every time the words, “I get knocked down, but I get up again” are said.  Total = ~27 burpees to get the heart rate up. (song runs 4:38) and finished with plank.
  • The Q loathes when Neo Q’s and brings his speaker because it means Sally will make an appearance.  We should snuggle up to that which we don’t like rather than run from it.  So, Bring Sally up!  The Pax did squats during the song Flower (aka Bring Sally up). (song runs 3:26)(song runs 3:26)
  • The Q didn’t want to leave out another of our other favorite ladies. Queue up the Police crooning about Roxanne.  This time the pax had to do a Merkin each time Roxanne was mentioned. (song runs 3:11)

Move to the wall for:

  • Step ups followed by 
  • LBD’s followed by
  • Hungarian Split Squats followed by
  • 100 calf raises

Mosey to the courts and…..Elvis is back!  Singing If I Can Dream the pax did a flutter kicks through the entirety of the song. (song runs 3:11)

Plank and American Hammers finished the ab work. The pax jogged to the football field for the monthly game day – Frisbee Football.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Continued prayers for Bourne’s parents, and Neo’s family especially Sara.

MOLESKINE:   In YHC’s last Backblast the theme was “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”  Continuing that thread this blast is about Identity.  F3 Nation’s, C-Span had a great podcast on this recently.  I was mentally bouncing all over trying to land on a topic that served, had some meaning, when God put C-Span and his guest Boomer into my ear.  Identity

The past few months the great deceiver has been on my shoulder and in my ear.  “Wow, you stepped away from a career and left all that money on the table?  You’re an idiot!”

I was wrestling with: 

1.  What my heart knows – that I am not my job or money or things or… 

2.  What my head, the world (or Satan) was telling me – that my title matters, that having more money will solve things, that my wife wants more (she has never wanted more and constantly reminds me we are fine), and on….and on.

I was wrestling to “find” my identity.  Find is in quotes because it’s like having reading glasses – “where the hell did I put them?”  We set our identity down and forget where we put it.  God put me, and you, on this earth for a reason. Inherently, we know what our identity is – it’s what shows up when you walk in a room without saying a word.  It is how people feel in your presence.  Living out the identity God gave you is cemented in Psalm 139:14, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Go back and read that last paragraph.  I’ll wait here

I have a Promise in Being.  It’s something I often drop on the side of the road and forget, it’s not always easy to maintain that higher vibration of being my truest self.  Sounds easy, right?  Just be yourself?  I have efforted; to impress, to have the answers, to be seen.  I have only to live into the identity God placed in my heart all those years ago.  Be myself. My promise in being:  that no matter what, wherever I am, that in my presence, life will show as a noble I got ya’.  What do I mean by that?  That you can step out/leap and if you stumble I will be there to catch you, to partner with you, to give you something to lean on when you are tired.

When I am consistent in taking the DRP others get to know me – past the facade and mascotry.  They see when things are going right and when things are amiss.  By showing up in the gloom regularly we create the opportunity for others to remind us when we stray from our promise and help to call us back to our truest self 

I’m asking you to remind me (don’t worry I will remind you!).  To remind me I am not what the world says, but what God says.  That I am not a paycheck or a new car, or landscaping or……but that I am a child of God who is worthy!!!  

My promise to you is to be that Noble I Got Ya’ and now I ask you:

What is your Promise in Being?