I Need a Hero….

Hero is just part of the job  – thanks YouTube and Huckleberry for the biggest laugh this morning.

Pax: Vault, Huckleberry, Striker, Madbum, Hammerhead, Colt, Xbox, and Scout

QIC:  Waldorf

Warm up:  one lap around the park, followed by 10 good mornings, 10 cotton pickers, 10 imperial walkers, 10 arm circles, 10 flap jack arm circles, and 25 SSH.

Pax then run to Camelot Park for an ab workout.  For those that didn’t take the short cut (MADBUM) – it is right at half a mile.  We did 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off.  We went for two rounds.  During the 30 second rest during the first round, we did 5 Merkins in between.  During the second round we did 10 Merkins during the rest.

  • Situps
  • V-sit kickout
  • V-sit hold
  • Leg raise
  • Leg raise hold
  • LBCs

Pax then ran over to the open field and circled up for a “you pick exercise.”  One Pax member picked an exercise, and while the rest did the exercise, that Pax member ran to the light pole off in the distance, and came back.  Once that Pax was back, the next person called out an exercise, and ran off the to pole.  We made it around the circle once.  Exercises included:

  • Lunges
  • Long slow flutter
  • SSH
  • Y Hammers
  • Jump squats
  • Wide arm merkins
  • Carolina dry docks
  • and others that I am sure I can’t remember

Pax then did the slow jog back to the AO and completed one more round of the ab workout, but did 15 merkins in between.

We circled up, and Madbum prayed us out.

Announcements included reminders for the F3/FiA convergence holiday party (12/20), the “we already miss Xbox party” (12/21), and anyone that wanted to possibly be a driver for the Palmetto 200 group.

Prayers for the Povish Family, the Bailey Family, Hammerhead’s friend, and Vault’s friend.

Appreciate your time, humor, and company this morning.


P.S. Future Pax names include Pepto Bismal and Hemorrhoid

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