I actually did a backblast

QIC: Aruba

Pax: Aruba, Josey, Sprocket, Kaffey, Boone, Vault, Fragile, Colt, Moneyball, Scout, Dockers, Neo, Guinness, Flying Tomato, Bowtie, Seeker, Captain D, and welcome FNG Free Bird (Fletcher)

The thang:

Warmup with the help of Seeker: SSH, Good mornings, Arm Circles. With all the mumble chatter, it was time to get the workout started.

4 rounds of running the block in 2 groups. While the 1 group ran, the other completed the following 20x and repeat:

Merkins, LBC’s, Squats

Diamond Merkins, American Hammer, and yet monkey humpers

Wide arm merkins, World War II Situps, Calf raises

On the wall: step up and LBD’s

Mosey to tennis courts for 4 rounds of suicides:

Regular, mini chesto at each stoop (Thanks Sprocket for talking me out of the regular chesto), lunge to each stop with 30 SSH, and 10 burpees at each stop.

Finished up with a Guantanamo

Moleskin: There’s no way I can be as eloquent as Squirrel with the moleskin. But I can at least try to make a point. It is so great to lead a great group of men. I look out to see such an amazing group and it’s humbling to know that I’m a part of it. There is never a workout where someone isn’t encouraging another pax member. I come each and ever day knowing that I will have a great man beside me encouraging me in my pursuit of getting better. It’s definitely not all about getting physically fit; it’s more about getting mentally fit. Thanks to Scout and Cpt D recently for listening during the ruck. Although there has been challenging times, I have men who listen. I wish I could get more men out to witness what I have come to love. I encourage each of you to keep looking for that next guy who is ready to experience what it means to be part of a huge family. Go Heels!

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