Hitting the Ropes

PAX across the F3 Sandhills region answered the call, took the red pill and got a little bit better today.

PAX: The ones who got it done

QIC: FroYo

The Thang:

Warmup – 15 each

Good mornings

Arm circles



Copperhead squats


(Substitute SSH if you don’t have a jump rope)


20 – 4 count BOXER SKIP

(Jump rope while shifting weight from left to right on each bounce)

BEAR CRAWL until you count from 1 to 20

5 Merkins

Mosey back to start and REPEATO, increasing Merkins by 5 until you get to 30

(6 Rounds total)


20 – 4 count Moroccan night clubs

CRAB WALK counting up to 20

5 LBCs

Mosey back to start position

REPEATO, increasing LBCs by 5 until you get to 30

(6 Rounds total)


1 minute of jump rope

20 long slow flutter

20 rosie

20 dollies


IF YOU stil have time…

Mucho Chesto

2 Minutes of plank

Broga to Stretch it out

Moleskin: These days are new to us, but are not surprise to the Maker of us all, the one who has been faithful all along. As was echoed in MOD via zoom this morning, we choose to hit the ropes this morning so that when life “puts us on the ropes,” we do not despair. And beyond that, we speak words of life . To our families, to our coworkers, to the body of Christ, and to those looking for hope, we shine.


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