HIIT The Bricks

Five Pax, took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it.

The Pax: Flying Tomato, Squirrel, Meat Sweats, Scout and BowTie

Warm Up:  Side stretch, SSH, Windmills and Grass getters

The Thang: 40 seconds of work — 10 seconds of rest


  • Peter Parker (plank – left knee to left elbow, flare foot.. flapjack)
  • LS Flutter
  • Hello Dollies (Low)
  • American Hammers
  • Repeato for 4 rounds then —- 1 minute REST —-


  • Side raises
  • Moroccan Nightclub
  • Front raises
  • Overhead press
  • Repeato for 4 rounds then —- 1 minute REST —-


  • LBCs
  • Rosalitas (High)
  • Freddy Mercury’s
  • WWII Situps
  • Repeato for 4 rounds then —- 1 minute REST —-

ROUND 4 – BRICKS  Ran out of time

  • Squats w/ overhead press
  • Lunges
  • Side Lunge w/ lateral raise
  • Squats w/ front raise
  • Repeato for 4 rounds

Cool Down – BROGA

No announcements, no prayer requests.  Flying Tomato led us out in prayer.

MOLESKINE:  Where are you in your walk with Christ?

Last week a young man had the guts to ask me a hard question, “where are you in your walk with Christ?”  I gave a somewhat quick answer and he could have leaned in, armed with a litany of suggestions masked as questions. Questions like, “Are you spending enough time in the Word? Are you praying? Are you remembering that God IS Goodness?” But he didn’t.  He merely said, “that does answer the question, thank you.” So, I thought I was done.  Yet there was something there, still unanswered in my soul.  I pondered the question more and got to the heart of it (for now) and summarized my walk as more of bobbing.  I wrote him a lengthy email explaining this bobbing and rather than cheat you all I’ll include where I am. 

It’s a lake analogy so bear with me.  Imagine yourself float down from great heights until you hover above a lake in the midst of a primal forest.  In an instant you become a ripple on the lake.  We all live in a literal either-or world.  Our thinking focuses on ourselves – on what we want, what we fear, here and now.  Our thinking focuses on how we compare to others, “how am I doing compared to others?” Am I better?  Less adequate? Your ripple world is filled with the desire for what you like or dislike or fear or are unafraid of.  When we are in this “ripple-state” we are cast about amongst the waves of life.  We get beat up, struggle for oxygen….think of flailing in water looking for a hand.  For me, this is when I am (when I choose to) disconnect from the vine.  I “rely” on myself and what I think I know and don’t lean into prayer, God or anyone.  It’s my “I got this” mentality.  When we identify our ripple conversations we think what we are doing is real.  It is in this time that I am doubly ignorant; ignorant of what is deeply true and good and beautiful and ignorant of being ignorant. In this state I am asleep, enslaved and reactive.  In this state I am not able to choose my response to what come up.


Now, imagine you’re on the same lake but you sink a bit.  You let go of the chaos at the surface.  In this magical lake you can breathe underwater easily…like having a long snorkel.  It’s here when I can let go of the surface talk, the chatter that doesn’t matter.  I can see my “ripple self” on the surface still flailing, speaking in ripple ways, performing for self and others according to ripple rules.  It’s here, when I let go and sink into what is right (God, Jesus, Faith, Love) that  I think, “there I go again, telling that story, worrying about this or that, trying so hard to be liked.”  From this angle, outside of the waves of chaos and torment of the torrid lake, I can see my ripple self without judgement, with a compassionate heart.  I see things with a large-mind (vice small-mind).  I observe what is, not the stories I make up. I can notice my situation, my interpretations, and the emotions I generate and then seeing I have a choice I can choose the large-mind and heart resolution.

Finally, another part sinks yet further down into the lake.  It’s like you have SCUBA gear on now.  It’s here near the bottom of the lake you notice how quiet things are, you see that everything is interconnected; the lake is connected to the ocean, you hear the rhythm of the tides.  It is here that all water is one, that we are all one (after all, at a sub-atomic level we just sharing atoms…there neither yours nor mine.  Atoms float out of one thing into another freely, we see boundaries, God doesn’t).  When, on the rare opportunity, I get here I glimpse unitive consciousness (we are all one). 

For example; I was on the Metro in DC once after speaking to a group.  Now these were people trudging to work to slog through a DC day doing their day-day job.  What I glimpsed, very briefly, a minute maybe, was the eyes of these people.  I didn’t see despair, toil, angst.  I saw the eyes of children in each person.  From the 80+ year old to the 20-something.  It was if their eyes were bright with excitement for what the day held, the beauty of the world before them, the unknowing and yet not being fearful.  This was powerful for me.  It was then I knew I was seeing with God’s eyes.  


I believe most of us aren’t wired to remain in the depths.  Although it’s beautiful when you see the surface you and the mid-depth you and the interconnectedness to everyone and everything.  

This was a bit long and I didn’t know how to shorten it.  In answering where I am on my walk with Christ it’s like I bob up and down, flail and sink with grace into His presence.  I wish I could say I have rested contentedly into the loving arms of our Lord and remain there….and if I said that I’d be a liar.  I find myself wanting to dive into the deep end and sink into God’s love, knowing it’s there for all of us….yet, I’m that scared kid on the high dive almost wishing someone would just push me off so I don’t have a choice. 😉  That. That is where I am on my walk with Christ.

Maybe I can sum it up in a two word conclusion…..”I’m bobbing.”


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