Hello, I am “___________”

Six, took the Daily Red Pill (DRP) this morning and got better because for it.

The Pax: Squirrel, Scout, MadBum, Neo, Roadhouse and…..ARUBA!  Yes he’s back and to be clear, he said he wasn’t on the DL, he was in Physical Therapy

The Scene: It’s so cold, we got dogs stuck to fire hydrants all over town

The Thang:  Partner up & each team grab a sandbag

Each exercise is done with a sandbag: While Pax 1 is doing the exercise his partner is jogging the loop around the parking lot.

  • 50 Get ups
  • 100 Cleans
  • 100 Squats
  • 100 Ground to Shoulder
  • 100 Shoulder Presses
  • 100 Windshield wipers
  • 100 Merkins *Minimum five per round with sandbag on your back

Neo & Scout turned the switch on, and it looked something like….  

  Great work fellas!

Roadhouse, MadBum and Squirrel were left with homework to complete 100 Windshield wipers and 100 merkins through the course of the day.

Announcements: Super great to see Aruba out this morning.  While he was smart and did not participate in the beatdown he did walk the entire time and joined us for the COT.  Just having you back in the AO feels right Aruba.  Continued prayers for all our recovering Pax (Bourne, Josey, Aruba, Colt, Chitwood, McFly) as well as peace for Hammerhead as his surgery was pushed to the right.

MadBum lead us out in prayer

MOLESKINE: *Hello, I am _______

Imagine that you walk into a room full of people, maybe strangers, maybe not.  How about a 100 Moore Men event?  There’s the table with those familiar stickers that you write your name on, “Hello, I am _______”.  Rather than filling out the sticker with your name, FroYo is manning the table and says, “We’re asking you to fill in the blank with something other than your name to identify you.”  Of course, it’s FroYo so everyone does it.


What word(s) would you put in the blank?


Maybe it’s what you do for a living; I am a teacher, I am a wealth manger, I am a soldier.  Maybe it’s something like; I am a husband, I am a dad or I am single.  Or maybe you fill in the blank with what history has labeled you; I am an alcoholic, I am an addict, I am divorced.  It could be something positive too; I am a runner, I am a golfer, I am the Naantan or a F3 Pax.  Political? I am a Republican, I am a Democrat.  How about faith?  I am a Christian, I am a Jesus Follower or I am Jewish.

That blank has significant power!  It’s your identity.

Do you even know your identity?  Remember “The Voices” Backblast?  July 23, 2020 for those of you who are searching the memory bank.  That also pointed to who we are, who others say we are, who we say we are.  What you are told or tell yourself about yourself on a regular basis can shape your identity.  There may be some things you are ashamed of from your past that you’ve allowed to become your identity.  There too can be wonderful things!  For those who wear a “Scarlet Letter” we oft look in the mirror and see the mistake we made and then peel off the backing and slap that label on!  SMACK.

Scripture tells us “You Were“, emphasis on were.  Jesus helped us out with that.  For we have been made new in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17).  He gave us all a new identity!  Yes, our F3 names are cool, but Jesus did a much better job!! 

The truest thing about you is who you are…who God or Jesus says you are.  Not that you graduated with honors or got promoted to the corner office, not the trophies or patches you earned, not the diplomas on the wall or the condition of your home or the success of your 2.0’s.  Not that you are divorced.  It isn’t that you dropped out of High School or were/are a convict.  Those may all be true…but that is Not who you Are.  That’s who you were

You are the Pax of F3 Sandhills, you are chosen, you are a friend, a brother, a person of faith.  That is who you are.  Now….go live it out!


* Concept taken from “not a fan.” by Kyle Idleman, 2011.  Decent read, big challenges and the last chapter is from which “Hello, I am ______” was derived.

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