Happy New Year!


QIC: Rip

The Pax: Breaker, FroYo, Hoosier, Chitwood, Josey, MadBum, BowTie, Scout, Rip

Warm Up: Lap around Rassie Wicker Park

The Thang:  Modified Millennial

Goal is a total count of 2019 reps as a team. The full pax does 102 reps each of a called exercise by completing 3 cycles of 34 reps for each exercise. The focus was form, not pace and teamwork mattered. Each exercise ended when the FIRST person got to 34, which kept the PAX together. Each cycle included: SSH, Lunges, Merkins, LBC’s, Mountain Climbers, Long-Slow Flutters, LBD’s, Squats, American Hammers, and Burpees. The PAX successfully completed 2019 reps…one rep for each year.


Gentlemen, one of the unexpected highlights of moving to Pinehurst last year was joining F3. The camaraderie and accountability have been such a huge encouragement and motivation to me – spiritually and physically. You men have made me better this year. From the early morning runs to the gloomy beatdowns to the 200-mile relays, I have throughly enjoyed being a part of F3 Sandhills. Shoutout to FroYo for the invite a year ago today (on a much colder, snowier day) to my first F3 Post.

Thank you for your friendship and partnership in pursuing better fitness, deeper faith, and meaningful fellowship. I am grateful for you men and the unanticipated blessing you have been to my life.

Here’s to an even better 2019!