H-Bomb TEAM Beatdown

Five Pax, took the Daily Red Pill (DRP) this morning and got better because for it.

The Pax: Squirrel, Scout, MadBum, Neo and Goblin

The Scene: Actually, it was pretty nice this morning. 

The Thang:  Partner up & each team grab one coupon

ALL exercises are done with a coupon: 

·      54 Blockee’s

·      100 Over Head Presses

·      200 (Plyo/Standard) Merkins

·      300 Big Boy Sit-ups…yes, with the coupon

·      400 Squats

While Pax 1 is doing the exercise his partner is running the loop around the parking lot.

Announcements: None

Prayer Requests:  Lots of F3’s pax on the prayer list!  We pray for the Doctors, nurses and physical therapists who will be tending; Bourne (his surgery went well), Zak for his neck surgery, Josey’s upcoming and Aruba’s continued healing

Scout lead us out in prayer asking for each of us to see God’s greatness in nature and in what we do.  To step up and be the authentic men our our families need.  To carry God’s torch today let us each accept responsibility, reject passivity, lead courageously, and invest eternally.


MOLESKINE:  37th Moleskine of 2020

As YHC closes the year with his final Moleskine of 2020 I’d like to focus on our team.  F3 uses the acronym TEAM to encapsulate the Team Development process the Virtuous Leader employs:

T is for Trust: Think back on this year and look to who you put your trust in. 

E is for Equipping: matching Team Members to the F3 Mission; to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.  I believe we have done a decent job of this in 2020 considering the stumbling blocks we’ve had placed in our way.

A is for Accountability: setting and maintaining high standards within the Team.  We have runners, ruckers, Boot-campers and spiritual leaders in our midst.  While few of us can span all those, within each group we know that our brothers are out in the Gloom waiting for us.  It is through our mutual respect for one another we get up and go.  It is by our action that we remain accountable, not to ourselves but to our brothers.

M is for Missionality: I don’t believe any of us have forgotten why we keep coming to F3.  Yes, we serve small workout groups for men and for me, it’s the invigoration of male community leadership that I see regularly and stand in awe of. 

  • Watching Hammerhead or Aruba or Sparky plow through mile after mile of rucking or running while bearing the pain and knowing a hip replacement is coming
  • Marveling at the sheer grit of Baby Ruth, BowTie, Captain D, Caveman, Chitwood, Chum Bucket, Colt, Coobs, Dockers, Dos Equis, Flying Tomato, FroYo, Guinness, Josey, Kaffee, McFly, Neo, Quatro, Roadhouse, Sprocket, Vault and Wrangler…all who took up the mantle of leadership during the GrowRuck.
  • Listening to Waldorf, Chitwood (yes, Chitwood), Bourne, McFly, Quatro, Wrangler or Dos Equis talk about the un-Godly amount of miles they ran that day, that week, or that month
  • Hearing of the Herculean efforts of Personal Records being set by Sprocket and Vault
  • Seeing the amazing number of posts Flying Tomato, Captain D, Josey and Chitwood put up this year
  • Being a spectator of Beano and Josey’s journey (followed by Captain D, Flying Tomato and Hammerhead) on their Appalachian Trail trek…and love of chocolate chip pancakes was uncovered
  • Witnessing Scout shed, I don’t know how much weight, show up time and time again to post, and then being amazed by his talents on the Sunrise stage for a second year in a row!  Not to mention the times YHC wheezed trying to keep Scout & Aruba’s ruck pace while Scout rattled off another bad dad joke or story
  • Knowing (yet not observing) all the great things Neo and MadBum do behind the scenes at their places of work. Their quiet professionalism astonishes me
  • Regaling in the accomplishment of Quatro as he took public office
  • Noticing the change in Jeb and Goblin as they takes on the posture of a future leaders
  • Observing the peaceful transitions of Poacher and Beano as they step away from the Army life and transition to the civilian life. Sure, it may not be internally peaceful to them and they make it seem so
  • Examining the wonderment of FroYo, Huckleberry and McFly as they welcomed and watched their little ones experience this new world
  • Recognizing the power…and pain that Wrangler’s quiet presence brings
  • Studying the unity that Roadhouse and BowTie bring How their simple and humble ways show us in the face of danger or turmoil how to be focused
  • Analyzing the way Guinness, Witch Doctor, Moneyball, Colt and Dockers have stepped boldly into their new roles of being. Not by stepping on or over people but through real leadership
  • Noticing Swanson and his steady presence in the Gloom

There are many others I am sure and for those whom I have left out, please know your presence has mattered!  Each time you are seen or heard you have left a positive mark on each of us.

How do each of those accomplishments invigorate community leadership?  Each of you came out of self-serving to be with other men.  The ripple effects won’t stop on the AT or the road or the gym or even in the Gloom.  Those are just the locations where it all starts.  Those are the places where the honest discussions happen, where hearts are changed and where leadership seeds are planted.


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