Guns and Bums

Pax: Cpt D, Madbum, Colt, Neo, Breaker, Josey, Chitwood, Mel, Aruba,


Kettle bell Tabata

40 on 20 rest

Kettle bell swings with 30lb

Kettle bell side are left and right 10lb


Kettle bell dead lifts 40 lb

Side straddle hops

30lb pack prisoner get ups

Mtn climber

Squat press pack

Rinse and repeat for 30 minutes of tabatas


YHC brought the Guns and Madbum and Colt brought the Bums. Typical banter early in the event with Neo and Quatro completing another ruck challenge while others warmed up. Breaker and Josey were on the scene to share more stories from the Spartan with Neo as well. “High Knees Cpt D!!”. Most notable behavior was madbums fascination with Colts crack demonstration. Colts rendition of flying tomato’s crack show put everyone back line.

As the rotations continued chitwood complained less, Aruba worked harder and Mel reminded us all that we aren’t in his class of athlete. Good work men and always fun.


Cpt D