Grown men attempting to jump rope

PAX:  Flying Tomato, MadBum, and Scout

Q: Waldorf

After his nice offer to co-Q, Captain D was a no show.  Just because I didn’t need the Q support, doesn’t mean I didn’t want you there.  Sometimes emotional support is worth more….just sayin…. 🙂  

Warm Up: 

  • Warm up lap around the block
  • 10 windmills IC
  • 12 cotton pickers IC
  • 12 arm circles IC and flapjack

The Thang:

  • Mosey over to the playground for the softer surface
  • 7 rounds of:
    • 3 minutes of jump rope (MadBum set a personal record of 22 jumps at one time).  
    • 1 minute of abs
  • Mosey over to the hill for 3 rounds of 
    • 25 merkins
    • 1 trudge up and then down the hill

Close out:

  • Planking and Bro-stertag
  • MadBum closed us out in prayer

Missed you Captain.

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