Grit (Brick Shoulders)

Nine Pax, took the Daily Red Pill (DRP) this morning and got better because for it.

The Pax: Squirrel, Napalm, Scout, Barry, Neo, Aruba, Striker, CPT D and Chitwood

The Scene: Low 60’s to start the morning.  A year ago we were nine degrees warmer.  Amazing morning to be out in the Gloom!

The Thang:  Pick up some bricks

With a bit of mumblechatter about chiggers and poking bears with short sticks we moseyed over to the pine straw for: 

  • 1st round      Brick shrugs              2 min
  • 2nd Round     Reverse fly               2 min 
  • 3rd round       Shoulder press        2 min
  • 4th round       Front raise                2 min
  • 5th round       Lateral raise             2 min
  • 6th round       Upright row              2 min
  • 7th round       Seal Clap Merkin Ladder to ten and back

It was about this time the Pax were discussing MadBum’s trip to upstate NY and the potential of getting Viagra on the cheap in Canada.  Scout chimed in with a well-timed Dad joke: 

For those of you who have met Barry you may not have seen him bust out laughing….but Scout’s timing had him chuckling hard enough so he couldn’t work out for a minute. 

  • REPEATO ALL (only 1 minute this time)

Belly Aiken Abs

  • The 100
  • 10 Xs & Os
  • 20 WWII Situps
  • 30 Freddy Mercury’s In cadence
  • 40 Side leg raises (ea side) In cadence
  • 30 LBCs In Cadence
  • 20 Heels To Heaven In cadence
  • 10 Hello Dolly followed by 10 Rosalita’s
  • 60 sec Plank

Announcements/Prayer requests:

  1. August is coming and F3 has First Friday beers to pour
  2. Striker lifted up a friend from his Elon University days who just passed away. In his late 40’s it should remind us that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.  Prayers for Strikers old friend and all those who a grieving his death.

 Squirrel lead us out in prayer


Yummmm grits.  If you haven’t fallen in love with grits, well, God bless your north-of-the-Mason-Dixon-line heart.  I mean there are baked grits, buttery grits, instant grits (no, thanks), stone ground grits, bacon grits, cheese grits, shrimp and grits, and really creamy grits and…

Sorry, got distracted. 

Let me first define the term as I understand it.  Grit is an authentic American concept, a slang word dating back to the early 1800s. If you have grit, you have the toughness and tenacity to see things through, with an added dash of resourcefulness and a can-do spirit to overcome setbacks. Men we equate with grit are persistent, have the stamina to git ‘r done.  And they have the backbone to say it like it is.  Grit is not talent. In fact, YHC has a life built on grit.  Why?  Because when you don’t have talent you gotta rely on grit.  I guess you can say I was destined for it.  A trip down memory lane recalls me painting the eaves of my childhood home.  I was about 12 feet up and the ladder slipped and down I went.  As I was shaking the stars out of my eyes my Momma popped her head out the screen door and said, “you’re spilling the paint.”  Grit.  The act of getting solidly put on your butt and getting back up to do it again and again and again.  Grit is the great equalizer.

I’ve seen many of you in the F3 Sandhills crew who are rife with Grit.  “I’m IN” is a familiar refrain hollered out by many; “I’m IN” on the Colonial Relay – then you start a running routine, “I’m IN” on coming back from an injury – you set the goal of showing up and getting after it.  If/when there are setbacks you look to your fellow man knowing one of the Sandhills Pax will be there to help you up and get back to it.

“Gritty people” are fairly optimistic.  Why?  For me, it’s ’cause I ain’t smart enough to get it right the first time.  When I hit a setback, I know it’s just temporary.  I believe with just a little bit more effort I can get over the hump.  Happens all the time in the wood shop…sadly it does cost me money and time…and I learn.  The Sad-Clown, on the other hand, makes setbacks into to big, overpowering, “everything is ruined forever and ever” stories.  The Sad Clown catastrophizes. 

The next time you find yourself gasping for air after a Waldorf workout or can’t possibly do another thing for three days after one of Wrangler’s beatdowns just remember; the last workout doesn’t matter anymore. It’s the next one.  Don’t let a run or a workout that crushes you become another and another.  Move on!  Either the Q is a stud like BowTie or you just aren’t in the shape you can be.  Do better next time.

I want to be the man God created me to be.  To do that I need to stay on the path to improve my strength in body, mind, and spirit.  You all have helped me build routine hardship into these areas of my life. (BTW that’s a compliment.  If you weren’t showing up I wouldn’t either).  From running, to workouts, to CSAUPS, to bible studies you men have helped improve my mind, body and spirit. 

Have you been lulled into a sense of comfort?  Do you even realize it?  I think we can all see this in someone, whether that be ourselves or someone we know well…enjoying the easy life and not noticing it makes you into something we’d never set out to be.  Given enough rope, little by little comfort will choke the accelerating man or at least shackle him to Sad-Clown Town.

Got Grit?  I’ll be right over!  I love grits!!  Sorry, distracted again. 

I know you have grit, every one of you!  I’ve seen it, you’ve gotten beat down and still you show up again and again and for that, I thank God.  I need men with Grit to do life with me.


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