12 Pax, took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it.

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: Meat sweats, Scout, Kaffee, Sprocket, FroYo, Captain D, Dockers, Aruba, Uncle Jesse, Fragile and Wrangler

Warm UpWindmills, SSH, Down Dog, 10 Squats IC, Hamstring stretch


Start at cone and sprint 35 yards to distant cone. 1 Merkin

Turn around and sprint back SP cones and do 2 Merkins. 

Repeato this ladder until you reach 20 Merkins. 

Rest 1 minute 

Start at cone and sprint 35 yards to distant cone. 1 WW-II Situp

Turn around and sprint back SP cones and do 2 WWII Sit-up. 

Repeato this ladder until you reach 20 WWII Sit-ups.  

33 Burpees

Cool down: Good mornings, lunges and Down Dog

MOLESKINE:  Grateful

Here we are in the last two and a half weeks until year’s end. As YHC looks back over the year my biggest two biggest bows of gratitude are for our Lord and my M.  Sorry guys they will always get top billing!  


We band of misfit toys, I mean brothers, set out this year with a defined set of things we wanted to accomplish.  God laughed.  Some of you took on the Trifecta, some a marathon, a relay, posting X number of times. Every one of those were fantastic accomplishments – not taking anything away here!  Setting a goal to do something does not mean we are lacking. Each of us are completely imperfect. We don’t need to change a single thing.


Unless you want to change. Or maybe you don’t.  Stop being wishy-washy and just do it! 

Each of you men bring a special gift with you everywhere you go.  No matter where you go there your gift is. You don’t have to – scratch that – you can’t do anything about it.  It’s what God put in your soul. In your presence “it” shows up. What is the “it”? I dunno, you have to ask others.  You cannot see your own gift.  Another God joke I guess. You have to be bold enough to ask, “when I walk into a room what shows up?”  Maybe it’s laughter, connection, connecting others together, wisdom, silence or tenderness.



It’s not always sunshine and butterflies either.  When you come into a room maybe anger shows up or bitterness or something else.  Don’t worry!  If you show up in anger or bitterness or attitude your F3 brothers will call you out. 😉



Why do I even bring all that up?  To say that, to a man, you challenge and inspire me.  You are wise council who know when to push and when to hold back.  You accept me with all my faults…well most of them anyway.  

So as we close in on the end of this year and ready for the coming year know that YOU made a difference.  YOU matter! YOU bring a gift that no one else can!

I’ll close with this bit of homework.  Don’t act on this right now, take the remainder of the month to mull it over, to ponder it, to swish it around like well-mellowed egg nog. 

In 2020 shall we be a bit under-ambitious?  Rather than the perfection we normally strive for how about we strive for – done?  After all 80% work that is In the world is far more likely to make a difference than A+ work that never leaves our head.  Another approach – How about setting a minimum baseline?  Instead of doing 1,000 Burpees in a month or a GrowRuck or three Spartan’s we set a goal to do something we will do even on your lowest energy day, like when you’re hungover or sick.   I’m not//not going against what Fragile put out.  I think we all need to push until we get that last 20%!  As he stated, “the returns will far outweigh the input.”  Mixed message?  Not really.  

However 2020 shows up I know a few things.  We have a God that loves us, most of us have an M that does too….even when we don’t deserve it and no matter what – we have a group of men that lay bricks every day to strengthen our guardrails that protect and avoid regret in our lives! 


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