Going Deep….

13 Pax took the DRP, answered the call this morning and got better because of it.

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax:  Colt, Flying Tomato, FroYo, Mel, Breaker, Mad Bum, Vault, Josey, McFly, CPT D, Vault, Waldorf and smiles all around to see Huckleberry back in the gloom!

Warm Up:  SSH, Windmills and Plank (30sec regular, rest :05sec, 30sec elbow)

The Thang:  Rather than start with the obligatory jaunt around the AO the Q elected to do Mountain Climbers while MadBum took a Spring Training lap around the AO.  Good to get the heart pumping.

To the Wall

  • Tall side step ups     20 ea. leg
  • Tall side Derkins 20 IC
  • Short side squats 20 IC
  • Short side incline Merkins 20 IC
  • Bulgarian Split Squats 10 each leg
  • Hungarian Split Squats 10 each leg (BTW, they’re the same as Bulgarian SS)
  • Mucho Chesto

To the playground:

  • Swerkins                           15 OYO, rest of pax are in plank
  • Bruce Lee 30 ea. exercise
    • American Hammers
    • Heels to Heaven
    • LBCs
    • Freddy Mercury (20 initially cause the Q was gassed)
    • The 100
    • WWII SitUps
    • Freddy Mercury (10 to keep Ray Babbit aka Rain Man aka CPT D) happy

To the Grassy Knoll & count off by two’s

  • 1’s Plank, 2’s Brear crawl
  • Flapjack
  • Seal Clap Merkin Ladder to 10 & down…..IC


YHC was investing in some QT this week, reflecting on a recent sermon.  The phrase that kept niggling at me was Going Deeper.  In Luke 5:1-11 Jesus told them to, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.”  

Now I am no theologian, no pastor.  Nope, I am just your average Joe who asks average Joe kinda questions.  So, what does it mean to Go Deeper?  Why, after working, no…toiling, all night did Jesus tell them to put out in the deep water and let down your nets?  Simon (he didn’t get his Jesus “F3” nickname Peter till later) acquiesces and does as requested, and it pays off in spades…well, in fish really.


At times it seems the harder you work the more work you get.  The more times you post the more people expect you to post.  The more you run the more legs you get on the BRR. WTF?!?  Don’t we get a break?


If I am not accelerating in F3, at home, at work, in life then I am decelerating. DUH! It’s ironic however that in accelerating I often create a situation that is unsustainable.  Sacrificing sleep, QT, walks, etc.  In my aim to improve myself I have wound up exhausting myself.  NOT THIS TIME! 

Accelerate, that’s YHC’s word for the year.   So how am I accelerating and not exhausting myself?  By taking the time to slow down and go deep.  WHAT?  Why would I slow down to accelerate?  The faster I can slow down, the quicker I can change direction and re-accelerate to my top speed.  In deceleration, the ability to slow down and control force production, I can redirect as God or life indicates and accelerate into my next venture.

The story of Jesus and Simon hints at slowing down (accelerating more slowly 😉 before accelerating.  Simon had to take Jesus out to shallow waters and sits through the sermon. Then Jesus tells him to go back to work?  WHAT!?!?  Dude, I just pulled an all-nighter for nothing.  Jesus was a carpenter last year before starting His ministry and now He wants to give fishing advice? C’mon.  RESPECT is what leads him to deeper water.

And it’s in those deeper waters that we all can fill our nets.  Whether you go to church or not, whether F3 is your church, or nature or…..it is in going deep with the Creator that I toil and come up empty, when I pray but get silence-nothin’-nadda, when I am waiting, when nothing is indicating that help is on the way…I keep listening for what Jesus has said and remain obedient.  

I don’t need a new “boat” or “net”, change in location.  I don’t need a new partner or a new business name or logo.  I need…to rely on my friends, the pax, my wife, my Lord!  All my energy can only produce but so much.  We need constant help in remembering that there is great blessing in being who God has made us to be, being where God last told us to be and showing up in faithful obedience – even when the last time we did so did not yield desired results. 

Your long night of toil may have exhausted you.  Get back in your boat.  Your empty nets may be occupying more time than you had ever imagined.  Keep them ready because things will change.  When our nets are empty, it is a signal to move into a deeper surrender. Maybe the real test is our call to trust Him with our nothing – to trust Him when our nets are empty.

This “tribe” of F3 Sandhills are people who are making similar life choices.  It helps me sustain my energy.  YOU helpME to go deeper and still ACCELERATE.