Givers > Takers

PAX: Captain D, T-Bone, Flying Tomato, Chitwood, Poacher, Meat Sweats

VQ: Barry

The Scene: Nice and Chilly 41°

Warm Up

  • Toe touch stretching
  • 20 – Windmills
  • 2 warm up laps

Part 1:

4 Stations around the track. One lap ran between each station 

  • Station 1 – Burp-ups X5
  • Station 2 – Bleachers. Up one side down the other
  • Station 3 – Murkins  X20
  • Station 4 – Flutter Kicks X20

Part 2:

  • Indian run to perform exercise at each station. One lap between each station  
  • Finish with 1 speed lap around the track

Announcements:    Mentorship training will begin in 2 weeks. Reach out to Capt. D, Flying Tomato, or Poacher for more information

Chitwood prayed us out with one of his good ol Baptist prayers 


Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning. As I said before, I want to become a better Giver and not always a Taker. Stepping up to fill in the empty slots on the calendar is one way to be able to do that. I’ve greatly appreciated all I’ve received since becoming part of this F3 Team. I have experienced firsthand many of you Give to help a others, including myself, along the way.  Whether it be to train others to become better runners, to organize worthy beatdowns for the betterment of us all, or pushing a van out a ditch in the deep gloom of Va.  I’ve seen so many of you display what it means to be givers, leaders, and supporters. 

I thank you and I look forward to many more gloomy days ahead. 


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