Get Right, Part 2

Nine Pax answered the call this morning and got better because of it.

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: Mad Bum, Aruba, Josey, Ostertag, Scout, Fragile, Colt, and Bearings

Warm Up:
Mosey around the AO and back for a few SSH, and Merkins

The Thang:  

Go to the rock pile…….

1. Overhead presses

2. Curls

3. Bent rows

4. Curls

5. Merkins

6. Squats

7. Overhead presses

8. Curls


  1. 45 seconds    Merkins                 Rest 10 sec
  2. 45 seconds    Squats                   Rest 10 sec
  3. 45 seconds    Flutter Kicks
  4. 45 seconds     LBCs
  5. 45 seconds     Merkins
  6. 45 seconds     Lunges
  7. 45 seconds     WWII Sit Ups
  8. 45 seconds     Heels to heaven
  9. 45 seconds     Burpees
  10. 45 seconds    Aquaman  
    To the wall for some Incline Merkins and LBDs, followed by Merkins and LBDs, followed by Merkins and LBDs…..

MOLESKINE:  During the YHC’s last back blast I spoke to the first quadrant in the F3 Q-Source. BTW, Q-Source is not like the Q in QIC but is a reference to the existence of “Q” as a source for Matthew and Luke in the bible. It’s head-scratching, smart guy, divinity kind of stuff.  So, if you want to know more ask your pastor.

Ok, back to Get Right.  The past two weeks I have really started to look at the man in the mirror.  Do you hear it?  That high pitched, yet virtuoso voice singing?  Yep, Michael Jackson.  

Anyway, YHC was/is looking inwardly to do some self-work so I can reflect the pure light God has placed in me and so I looked into the mirror…………………………… Holy hell, what the F is that??

So, what did I see? The man in the mirror isn’t as good looking as I’d hoped AND he’s a lot better than he was three years ago when MadBum pulled him into the Gloom.  I am glad I see the flaws, see past the facade.  II’ve spent a long time playing the “fake-it-till-you-make-it” game and got pretty good at it.  It catches up.  You wear down, tire out and the true you comes out.  God shines His headlamp in the dark corners we don’t want to talk about – until we find men to lock shields with and that is where I have gotten to.

YHC is a man who is practicing (I am not trying)






I see a man who can’t do this life thing on his own. The man looking back, given his own vices, might not exert daily discipline to the Queen (diet); might sip a bit too much bourbon or have a cookie.  I hear my inner voice of judgement.  I may decide to Fartsack.

To right my ship I choose to take the Daily Red Pill (DRP) and commit to accelerate my fitness, fellowship and faith….to Get Right!  I may not post daily, for the DRP is not merely a prescription to work out.  I may meet one of my brothers  or spend some quiet time in the Word to deepen my Faith or walk in nature and take in the wisdom that is all around us if we just slow down to take it in.  For the sake of me…for the sake of my Mrs….for the sake of those relying on my right-wise living….for those people who don’t know me,…I’m going to get right.

What I see in the mirror today is a man who is getting better, not just physically (that too) but my soul is getting right!! 

Go take a look in your mirror.  What is it telling you?  Really?  Take another look, and be honest with yourself.