Game Day!

QIC: Flying Tomato
Pax: Breaker, Mel, Seeker, Three Rivers, Caffy, FroYo, Scout, Fragile, McFly, Aruba.

“For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.”
‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭4:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Unfortunately the majority of the Pax decided to skip out on the flagship workout this morning. They opted to hike around town as they feared the trials and tribulations they heard flying tomato was going to bring. Paul tells us that these light and momentary trials Are totally purposeful. They will achieve for us an eternal glory.

After a warm-up lap around the block, we gathered at the basketball court for stretching. We began with good mornings and then 30 Burpee‘s Oyo. Seeker asked if we could play a game so we moseyed over to the tennis courts and played the game of 11s. Given the YHC‘s lack of creativity, we did Burpee‘s on both ends for a total of 110 Burpee‘s.

Seeker complained about the game and asked if we could do something else so the YHC complied and led the Pax to the playground. We got on our six to work on our abs and obliques. We did the following in cadence: 26 oblique crunches on each side, 26 dying cockroaches, 52 LBC‘s, 25 oblique v-ups, 26 heels to heaven, and 26 Freddie mercury’s.

This still still didn’t satisfy seeker as he continued to moan and Grumble, so we counted off in threes for the next game. We did three sets at three different stations. Station one consisted of 17 pull-ups, station 2 was 52 LBD’s, and at station 3 we did 25 Carolina drydocks. Seeker kept complaining so we moseyed over for a new game. On the field, we had wheelbarrow races.

Still not happy, we went to the wall for wall-sits where our time was cut short after a foul odor converged on the Pax. We headed back to the basketball courts to cool down With 30 more Burpee’s. The Q was then handed off to seeker as he had the men compete in a plank off. It would’ve been a tie if not for seeker’s father cheating and setting a poor example for his son.

Moleskin: There was a lot of moaning and grumbling today and a few members even sought to escape. Scout hid in the bathroom during the entire 11s game. Breaker quickly followed him. Three Rivers took off running dragging others with him. To nobody’s surprise, McFly won the 11s game and FroYo kept smiling throughout. Fragile would still be the undefeated plank champion if not for cheating.

FroYo closed us out in prayer.

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