Frogger Stronghold

15 Pax posted at the Stronghold and got better

Pax: Waldorf, Dos Equis, Quatro, Ostertag, Flying Tomato, Mad Bum, Sprocket, Chitwood, Sparky, Colt, Scout, Poacher, The Rock, Full House, Vault


Warmup lap followed by IC COP exercises:

30X SSH, 1OX Windmills, 10X GM, 15X Imperial Walkers, 15X Arm Circles and FJ

We then hit the street for a double apple sauce indian Run.  Evidently YHC didn’t instruct the Pax well enough as we were more of a jumbled mass for the first block and it only got worse from there.  We went up to May street and had to dodge several cars coming both ways on a poorly lit street before arriving at NY avenue at the corner of SPEMC.

At this point several Pax expressed their gratitude (Waldorf  comes to mind) to Captain D for passing on his Q responsibilities.

Too much mumble chatter so Jacob’s ladder up the hill with merkins and LBCs

Quick Mosey down to tennis courts with 2X Vegas drills (Diamond Merkins, LBCs)

Back to start for COT Mary exercises:

Broga, 21X Dollies, 21X Rosalitas, 21X Homer to Marge, Supermans

Colt has the Q at Paynehurst Friday and led the BOM out in prayer.


YHC is thankful no Pax members were hurt playing Frogger on May street and won’t make the same mistake again.  Great to see The Rock back in the gloom and welcome to Full House Who is new to the area but posted at an F3 workout in Charlotte before the Sandhills Pax was formed

Good work men.



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