Six Pax, took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it.

The Pax: CPT D, MadBum, Coobs, Witch Doctor, Chitwood and Squirrel

Warm Up:

Windmills, SSH, 10 Squats IC, Hamstring stretch 

The Thang:

1 mile Box Trot at 10-12m/m

40 Merkins  — Run 400M (1 lap)

30 Merkins — Run 400M (1 lap)

20 Burpees  — Run 400M (1 lap)

10 Burpees  — Run 400M (1 lap)

1 mile Box Trot at 10-12m/m

Cool Down:  Broga, Imperial Walkers, Down Dog, Hamstring stretch and Hillbillies



~ Shealah Craighead

“Wanna hike?” my M said.  “Sure, sounds great.  Seven miles?”  “Yep.”  And we were off for a great hike in the Uwharrie National Forest.  Brisk, yet a great day for a hike and we were off.  The trail was narrow, so we were single file.  Enjoying the quiet, nature, daydreaming and then….

I was in the middle of a crowd of people.  The world was still spinning and out of the darkness comes The word….”Friend”.   There were no other words, no tap on the shoulder just that one simple word…Friend.  I spun around and there she was, Shaelah Craighead.

The feeling, I imagine, was like when Jesus plunged his hand into the water after Peter’s attempt at walking on water.  Similar to when someone reaches out and gives you a forearm shake.  Her one word breathed life into me.

Many friends choose to follow us into the fray of our lives, whatever that fray may be.  They choose the muck and pain along with the fun and frivolity because they choose us, without hesitation.  Shaelah was one of those friends…you know who else has been?  The men of F3 Sandhills – YOU!

People do not need your perfect words.  They do not need you to fix them.  They need you to be there.  To walk alongside them as they navigate the unknown.  New job, new baby, opportunities, failures…all of it.

Do you recall that one word someone said to you?  The one that years later it will take you back to the exact moment where time stood still and you connected at a soul level? 

When was the last time you spoke to them?  Clear you calendar for an hour, take a deep breath or two, pick up the phone and call.  Don’t be afraid, reach out…speak your one word.


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