Friday the 13th &Full Moon….

Pax: Toothless, Chitwood, Dockers, Flying Tomato, Madbum, Neo

QIC: Neo

5 Pax came out to improve themselves.  Madbum joined us for the last 10 min as well.

We started with some stretching: windmills, cotton pickers, arm circles, imperial walkers, hillbillies.

Next, we did 5 sets of: 5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats.

Then, we did 3 sets of IC calf raisesx10 and IC LBDs x10.

We then did 3 sets of rows x 10 while our partner did weighted American hammers.

Then we each tried to prove our mettle taking on the overhead monkey bars.  No problem,  right? Children do it all the time.  Easy, right?  Down does Chitwood in Chitwood fashion — slamming his shin against the platform instead of the bottom of his shoe.  Must have been the full moon.

We then made it over to the map of America.   Out of the gloom, we hear, ” Tippy-toe, Tippy- toe.” Madbum comes running out of the gloom.  We partnered up.  First, while 1 partner did upright rows with 30# ruck, the other bear-crawled across America and back.  Second,  one held the 30# ruck overhead, while the other lunged across and back.  Third, one partner planked while the other backward lunged across America.  

We finished up with some brostertag.

Chitwood led us out in prayer.

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