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Outpost 3/19/19

QIC: Froyo

PAX: Breaker, Poacher, Mad bum, Striker, Colt, Neo, Aruba, Josey

The Thang:

Kicked off with the galactic-standard warm-up lap, which Madbum missed in galactic standard Madbum fashion. Followed by warm-ups consisting of goood mornings, windmills, arm circles (traditional, flapjacked, & chinook).

QIC likes a workout rhythm that has a little bit of familiar, and a little bit of something different. Familiar for today were the duck walks – good golly they are stellar. Keep it movin’!

Two lines of Indian duck walk towards top of hill hydrant.  Unexpected was the bear crawl downhill 500 feet to next the hydrant. Followed on with partners for Dora 1-2-3 with Merkins, two count AHs, and squats. Backwards run out, normal run in. Moseyed over towards Graceland, but stopped at the curb for Rocky Balboas, 30 IC. Moseyed over to the to wall for 25x LBS, repeato 3 times. Starting to make the turn back towards the Outpost, we completed a lunge walk across hill, which of course was followed by two lines of Indian duck walk to flag, with a mosey back on home.

Prayers for Breaker’s supervisor, Bourne and his fam, Striker’s Family, Aruba and his M in this tough season, and for Poacher re-integrating back to the homestead.

Moleskin: Sometimes leading a workout seems like such a simple act – you plan, you cheer on the PAX, you improvise, you lead the way. And you know what? It is simple! BUT that doesn’t mean it’s not significant! I am discovering that stepping into and serving in the places I find myself is how I fulfill my calling and keep my own feet from stumbling (too much). Thanks for following along this morning men!

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