F3 Sandhills MTV Music Awards

With Chris Pratt’s recent and memorable speech at the MTV music awards, QIC felt obliged to have a musical post; one that kept the PAX grooving, and also kept the party moving.

PAX: Vault, Guiness, Scout, Mcfly, Colt, Dockers, Little Warrior, Striker, Tomato

QIC: Froyo


Standard warmup of various and sundry tasks including Ye Old Faithful Lap (YOFL), Good Mornings, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Goofballs, and Side Straddle Hops.

Some of the PAX, QIC included, was slightly winded this morning from a 6ish mile BRR training run.  As a result, QIC elected to provided an onramp to the intensity of the Stronghold.

Began with 40’s: a high-rep variation of 11s. We began with 30 reps of LBCs at one end of the court and 10 reps of American Hammers OYO at the other end of the court, then subtract 5 reps from the LBCs and add five reps from the American Hammers. Repeated OYO until we arrived at 10 reps AHs and 30 reps of LBCs. The sum must always add up to 40.  This is good advice for life (I’m just not sure exactly for when or for where).

Now, it was time to get funky.

Image result for get funky

PAX gathered into a Circle of Pain for

“Flowers” by Moby, more colloquially known as “Bring Sally Up.”  With squats, we came up when Sally did, and went down and held the squat on the down word.

Lap around the block.

Our 2nd song was that 90’s cult classic “Tubthumpin'” by Chumbawumba (also Vault’s nickname in high school), and whenever we got knocked down, we did the burpees.  Started out with rest in between getting knocked down, but turned that into planking.  PAX didn’t exactly love that change.

Lap around the block.

Our 3rd jam that great Tom Petty classic, “Running Down a Dream,” for which we did Side Straddle Hops for the entire duration of the song, except of course for the choruses and extended choruses, during which time we hit the alternating should touches like bosses.  PAX started to show their weaker sides, but QIC continued to yell and cajole encouragements.

Lap around the block.

Next we invited Phil Collins on to the court, and he gave us the full length rendition of “In the Air Tonight,” for which we held plank, of varying kinds.  At this point a mutiny was near, as both Vault and Guiness would have surely thrown something if they had the strength to do so.

Lap around the block (well, most of the PAX).

The final song was “Made New” by Lincoln Brewster, which we treated as our Mary outro.  QIC called out Rosalitas, Dollies, and Long Slow Flutters at various points within the song.  This little ditty took us right up to 730.

PAX worked hard today, particularly those who pushed their bodies through the BRR run prior.  It’s a good kind of hard to push yourself to a limit, and I can tell you that nothing was left in reserve this morning.

Ended with Circle of Trust and BOM.