Elvis Poker Rocks and Rolls

14 members of F3 Sandhills anxiously came out of ther gloom from every direction looking forward to the much anticipated return of Elvis.  Great to see a strong number maybe becuase of Elvis or Fro Yos kick in the pants…either way great turnout

Whereforth art thou Captain D?!!

Apparently still looking for a Shakespeare TUTOR

  • Since we could wait no longer we did a quick run around the track.  Reconvened on the tennis court for warmups of:
    • SSH
    • Windmills
    • Cottonpickers

Straight to the fun.


We got to initiate the new F3 deck of cards (Props to Sprocket for spearheading the Deck purchase and  more importantly paying the taxes on the deck of cards!!!)

So YIC preshuffled the deck and dealt four piles.

  • Pax picked a card from each pile. Total of 4.
  • Rolled 3 dice added up the total
  • Shazaam we did that number of each exercise.
  • After the set of 4 we sprinted, lunged, shuffled etc to the other side of courts and back.
  • Repeato
  • We did about 6 sets of this while the Pax listened to Elvis music!!!


Finally to the rock Pile!!!

Pick out rock

Mosey to Wall


Overhead Press, Nose Busters, Rock LBP, Rock curls, more overheadpresses, Rock Step Ups, Incline merkins.

We switched rocks betwen exercises

Finally…  Elvis Merkins


Image result for elvis if i can dream

That is Elvis Rocks and Rolls in a nut shell

Colt led us out in prayer

PAX:  Breaker, Samsonite, Tebow, Bullseye, Winchester, Rip, Klinger, Neo, Chitwood, McFly, Colt, Flying T, Fro Yo and Madbum

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