18 PAX took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it. 

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: Master Builder, Vault, Sprocket, Guinness, Scout, Neo, Captain D, Fragile, Mel, Caveman, Flash, Moneyball, McFly, BowTie, Quatro, Dockers and Striker. 

Warm Up:
SSH, Windmills, Cotton Pickers, Arm circles and a saunter to the pitch.

The Thang:    SPOKE where the Pax did the exercise and SPRINTED back to the center to perform 15 Burpees, then on to the next station.  Total of seven spokes.

  • 47 x Merkins

  • 47 x LBCs

  • 47 x Squats

  • 47 x Alternating Staggered Merkins…23 (L), 23 (R), 1 regular

  • 47 x American Hammers (4-count)

  • 47 x Calf raises

  • 47 Second Plank

The 15 burpees were to ensure we got all our Birthday burpees in.  Well…..we did.  7 stations x 15 burpees after each station = 105 per round.  Two rounds = 210 burpees.  Total burpees by 17 of the Pax was a grand total of 3,570.  Add 47 burpees for Sprocket’s contribution and you have a total of 3,617 birthday burpees.  (Ok, maybe a few less as I’m not sure Master Builder got all his in either.)


REPEATO:  Second round the pax received grace and were allowed to sprint to the center.  Also, the 47 seconds plank was with right leg up/back and rest 10 seconds then plank 47 seconds with left leg up/back

The pax were led by Master Builder back to the basketball courts for some Brostertag Yoga.  Finished it off with each Pax doing three more burpees.


Good work men!   


  • Aruba, for his upcoming MRI for his hips
  • Traveling mercies for Mel for his trip this coming week


  • Happy 47th Birthday Aruba!!  
  • After next week’s Flagship (18 May) there will be a “what’s happened to date in the F3 Sandhills Pax” meeting.  We ask everyone come!!
  • 179 days left for you to get in LGN shape….(Look good naked)


“I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day.”  Abraham Lincoln

Prayer changes things for YHC. Prayer has been where my innermost thoughts, groanings, requests are heard by the Creator.  I ask for things, sometimes ask for Him to do things for me (or in spite of me).  When I remember to pray or when I let go of thinking I can handle the situation, I feel more at peace….if only for a while.  So why don’t I pray daily?  Cause I am human.  I forget. I’m lazy.  I think I can do it myself, and on and on. 

The Bible says to ask for what you want and it shall be given you¹.  And before you start thinking that your prayer isn’t answered cause you didn’t get what you asked for.  God isn’t a juke box or a genie.  He may not answer your prayers how you think He should!

Do I have enough faith to think God cares about another Monday morning at work or worrying where on earth my daughter is today and is she safe?  God cares about everything in our hearts and lives, from the huge down to the very smallest things.  Paul nails it “…but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God”².  Anything and everything, every day. Don’t be afraid to pray big prayers, and small ones. 

Most of us wait to pray.  “I got this.”  “I don’t want to bother God.”  or “other people have bigger, more important issues.”  OR we think, I don’t know how to pray.  I am so glad God loves me and has a sense of humor when I wise up and do pray.  I am sure He has said many a time, “wow, sure took you a long time to ask.  I’ve been waiting to talk with you.” 

Have you lived something so terrible or loved something so great your knees actually buckled?  Where you were driven to your knees?

When you’re driven to your knees and things appear like the enemy is winning – pray.   When life gut punches you and your grief leaves you feeling you can’t breathe – pray.  When you have something great happen – pray & give thanks!  Prayer is a positive habit, one of the Bricks that comprise a High Impact Man’s guardrails, those foundational rules that keep us living right and keep us accelerating.

So today, take a few minutes and pray.  Don’t think you know how?  Be the husband / friend who listens, encourages, speaks truth and reminds that God is bringing to pass all these things for our good and His glory. — Repeato prayer daily!  It’ll hurt less than the Aruba birthday beat down. 😉


[1] Matthew 18:19; Matthew 21:22; Mark 11:24; and John 14:13

[2] Philippians 4:6

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