Draggin’ a Bag

8 Pax hit the gloom with intention to get better, despite the warmth of the fartsack and the threat of rain.

QIC: Froyo

Pax: Neo, Captain D, Rafiki, Josey, Dockers, Aruba, Steak Knives ( Visiting from Cape Fear AO)

The Thang: Warmup run around the block, which almost changed the workout into “Where’s Captain ?” since he was delayed by de-rucking and thereby garnered a short-lived search party.

Warmup exercises IC of arm circles, flapjack, chinook, cotton pickers, goofballs, and the new…the floss!

Then, a Mosey over to the sandbags for 3 main iterations:

1. Inchworm bag pass – 8 pax pass 7 bags shoulder to shoulder , while doing squats, OH press, curls, bent over rows.

2. Bag Drag O Rama – 2 pax drag bags while the others complete circuit with two 5x burpee stops, then trade out with draggers.

3. Bag Drag O Rama The Sequel – 1 pax drags bags while the others do crab walk and burpees. This was cut short and all helped drag remaining bags . QIC demonstrated most efficient bag drag.

Also threw in LBCs, long slow flutters and broga.

COT with prayers for Aruba’s M and her daughters current situation. Also praise for protection over Rafiki , who successfully landed on the ground from a 12′ roof without the use of a ladder yesterday .

MOLESKIN: If the sandbags are the heavy things we have to face in our days, then today we can be reminded of how much of a difference it makes when someone comes to help lighten our load. A shared load is a lighter load! Sometimes we end up having to do something that feels solo, but our good God WILL provide what we need, he IS faithful. Oh, and remember, there are many ways to drag a bag.


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