Dos made a call to the bullpen

It was a warm 62 degrees this morning as a number of men fought of the fartsack and decided to get better. It was so warm (50 degrees warmer than last week) that Vault was showing off the guns.

6 PAX for 4 mile Blair Witch run and 17 for the 5:30 beat-down.

PAX: Vault, Aruba, Chitwood, Guiness, Breaker, Josey, Uncle Jesse, Fro-Yo, Squirrel, Captain D, Fragile, Bow Tie, Kaffee, MadBum, Sprocket, and Mel.

QIC: Waldorf

Warm up lap up and down Broad Street followed by:

  • 10 arm circles IC and flapjack
  • 10 cotton pickers IC
  • 10 squats (even if I said lunges)
  • 10 lunges (for real this time)

The Thang

QIC put 6 “flags” around the neighborhood that had exercises associated with them. PAX partnered up and pulled a number out of a shoe box. The number corresponded to a numbered flag they had to go and find, and do the corresponding exercises.

They then returned to the shoe box and pulled out the next number. If you were lucky, you could find the number right away. If you were like Guiness, Chitwood, Aruba, and me…the number you had was the last number we found. The best news: the exercise was 30 burpees.

On the anniversary of the passing of Dean Smith, if “Dean Smith” was pulled, exercise was 23 burpees. Mel and Kaffee were instant winners. Why 23???

Exercises include:

  • 25 4 count merkins
  • 30 4 count SSH
  • 30 burpees
  • 30 4 count long slow flutter
  • 30 4 count LBCs
  • 30 (one other, but I can’t remember what it was).

PAX circled up, counted off, and Captain D prayed us out.

Announcements: 100 Moore Men is 2/19. You can donate online or in person on the 29th. 2nd F beer night on 2/8 at Southern Pines Brewery. Hope to see you there.

Prayers: Chitwood’s co-worker, and Mrs. Squirrel’s friend.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, and putting up with my shenanigans. One of the reasons I really like this workout is the accountability required to the partners as they continue to find the exercises, and pound them out. Huge shoutout to Guinness for putting up with me, but also the work that I heard Kaffee and Mel doing.

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