Dockers Thanksgiving Day Q…..

Great seeing y’all this morning!  Would one of you two be so kind to post this for me?  …..Oh wait, maybe I wasn’t supposed to put this part in the Back blast.

Happy Thanksgiving!  


23 reported for duty this morning, took the DRP and got better for it, plus they get to have seconds today, right Chitwood?

Q: Dockers

The Pax: Dockers, Squirrel, Froyo, Quattro, Bourne, Waldorf, McFly, Flying Tomato, Fragile, Guinness, Snickers, Bowtie, Chitwood, Hammerhead, Rafiki, Meatsweats, Roadhouse, Aruba, and Jeter!

In this special day of gratitude, we are grateful for 23 strong in the pax including 4 FNG’s!  The fantastic four FNG’s who joined the F3 Group today:  Mandalay, Snaphook, Murph, & Mayhem

Our gratitude journey this morning started with a lap around the block and to the court for some warm ups that included:  Good mornings and someone grateful for their family.

Merkins and someone grateful their parents were in town.

Windmills and more gratefulness for God almighty.

We all then got to the train station as fast as we could.

Then one of us was grateful for burpees. 

And someone, no names but his initials are Chitwood, likes to have seconds so we were grateful for more burpees.


A bear crawl later and thankfulness for our kids brought us more   

WWII sit ups

More gratitude burpees and lunges

A run to the corner of Bennett and PA (even though that isn’t what the Q said, but the Pax intuitively were grateful and knew where he meant)

More gratitude and burpees with one very strong thankfulness for an amazing Nine months!  Way to go!

Then down to the Fire station with Guinness leading the way and a few more gratitude burpees and lunges back to Bruces Tavern…Quatro’s hangout of choice.

Finally working our way back to the b-ball court to wrap up with broga and welcome the four previously listed FNG’s.

Announcements:  Fragile opening his home for b-fast and the blessing of the hounds.  Thank you Fragile!

Snickers shared that a $24,000 check was given to Toby’s wife.  Toby was the F3 member from ENC who took his own life in October and the ENC folks brought a ruck sack representing him at GoRuck17.  Please keep Kelly in your prayers and she and their family walk in this hard journey.

Thank you all for leading courageously, rejecting passivity, taking responsibility, and believing in God’s greater good.  I am grateful for each and every one of you and may this day of Thanksgiving be a beginning of a great season that is full of love that gets poured into you and by you to others. 

Love each of you peeps!

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