13 PAX answered the call this morning made their King a bit better because of it.   

The Pax:  Aruba, Squirrel, Roadhouse, Scout, Captain D, FroYo, Quatro, Samsonite, Fragile, Flying Tomato, Mad Bum, Josey and Uncle Jesse

Warm Up:
A mosey to the train station, Groaning Windmills and Good Mornings, 

The Thang: 

Deck of Doom, the Deckster, the Deck-O-Rama

The Q fanned out the cards on the ground and asked the pax to pick a card, any card.  Q reads the exercise, if needed performed an extraordinary example then all pax did the exercise.  Repeato until out of time

The pax, once again didn’t make it through the deck.  Exercises chosen follows:

  • 100, SSH IC (missed you Waldorf and you’re welcome Meat Sweats) 
  • 25, Monkey Humpers
  • 19, Ranger Merkins IC (at this point Captain figured out Squirrel was adding 10 to each exercise — not adding one)
  • 25, Diamond Merkins IC
  • 14, Heels to Heaven IC
  • 25, Monkey Humpers IC
  • 17, Derkins IC
  • 17, LBC’s IC
  • 13, High, long slow flutters IC
  • 17, Monkey Humpers IC
  • 25, Merkins IC
  • 10, Rosalita’s
  • 13, Knerkins IC (Chuck Norris knuckle merkins)
  • 25, Plank jacks
  • 12, Hand clap Merkins.  At this point the Q was completely gassed and decided to go OYO
  • 15, Lunge’s IC 
  • 25, Squats IC
  • 18, Squat thrusts OYO
  • 25, Burpees OYO to finish us off (thanks Fragile!)

FroYo led Goofballs while the Q cleaned up the cards with trembling hands.  We ambled back to the basketball courts to finish the beatdown with:

  • 20 small arm circles (no Captain we never did the big circles) IC
  • Flapjack
  • 20 military presses IC
  • 20 Moroccan Night Clubs IC
  • 20 military presses IC

Prayers and Announcements:  Prayers of peace and easing of tensions for Roadhouse and his M as they move through the daunting dance surrounding potential spinal surgery. 

Continued prayers for Guinness’ dad and the whole family as the shock and fear that came with your first, second and third diagnosis brought.  You know the groans of our collective hearts in these times of uncertainty, yet we hope..we know that is by laying our petitions at the foot of the cross we are unburdened.

Finally we surround all the men who will be traveling and running the Myrtle Beach 1/2 and full Marathon this weekend.  With each step may they remember to run the race and be faithful in their endeavors. 

With heavy arms, or weak shoulders the BOM gathered ‘round and Flying Tomato prayed us out.


No, not Faux Pas, which means an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation….(miss you Waldorf and Hammerhead).

The Fattest Under Pectoral Area (FUPA) is usually the area above where a man wears his pants and below the pecs.  You’ve all seen the guys who’s pants keep moving south as his belly gets bigger.  He’s usually the same guy who will say, “I still wear a size 32”.  Or he may say, “I carry most of my weight in my midsection, but I have decent shoulders and arms.”  Duluth Trading company has made a fortune on these fellas. 

Don’t get me wrong, some folks are just big.  Some of us have been big.  Some of us have been real big and have made some A-mazing leaps to where you are today.

Trying to out-King your Queen (work out more so you can eat like crap) leads one to abandon the daily discipline over what we put in our bodies, which leads to getting fat.  The ferry boat only has one destination, and that is fat-guy island. 

We get out in the gloom to Get Right, get fit(ter), fellowship and to get or stay healthy.  YHC is not a big scale watcher.  Matter of fact I don’t have one in the house.  I know my weight by how I feel.  I know when I’ve put on 5lbs, by how I feel, my energy level, my metal sharpness, etc.  Let’s not fool ourselves by just looking at what the scale tells us.  Take note of your FUPA.

A parting note to the wise, do not make a faux pas by saying anything about your M’s FUPA…..ever.


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