Deceptive Animals

PAX: Flying Tomato, Captain D, Neo, Mad Bum

QIC: Froyo

5 Pax gathered in the gloom at the Outpost for an animal themed workout that brought the pain deceptively and time released (like Scout’s jokes)..

Warmup was galactic standard, but spiced up with Monkey humpers and their less well known cousin, Gorilla humpers.  Rounded out with some Zebra butt kicks.

We rolled in a Six pack of pull ups and merkins from the 4-square court into Camelot, with Duck Walking as our mode of movement.
Followed up by a 2-minute plank hold.
Next was the Wheel of animal walk, like the wheel O’ merkins, with animal travel by Frog Jump (Captain D most impressive here), bear crawl, crab walk, and then yes, again, duck walk.
Green frog jump on a beautiful light.
Mosey to soccer fields for a modified Dora of 200x Merkins, 400x squats, 600x LBCs.
Broga stretching to ramp out.  
Solid effort by all today, particularly these 5 who took that good old red pill.  Excitement building for hands on stretching and regen workout from Bowtie tomorrow.  The rumor is that the workout comes with a guarantee to have better defined everything in 3 weeks or less.  Word.

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