Deal Me In…..

Gents, as some of you know I chose to head back to Missouri to tend my mom for a few weeks.  Now that I have returned, deal me in!!!

7 PAX answered the call this morning and got a lot better because of it.

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: Chitwood, Aruba, Scout, FroYo, Striker and Neo 

Warm Up:
Arm circles, Windmills, Grass catchers

The Thang: 

The Deck-O-Rama from the F3 gear store stillisn’t here.  YHC decided to keep the exercises focused on the core (Pecs and Abs).

The Q fanned out the cards and went around to one of the pax and asked them to pick a card, any card.  Q reads the exercise, if needed performed an extraordinary example then all pax did the exercise.  Repeato.

The pax, once again didn’t make it through the deck.  Exercises chosen follows:

  • 25 4-count American Hammers
  • 17 4-count Reverse Lunge with sandbag
  • 21 LBDs
  • 13 4-count Long Slow Flutter
  • 60 seconds of low plank
  • 15 Oblique crunches
  • 17 4-count LBCs
  • 90 seconds high plank

About 1/3 the way through Squirrel broke out the abacus

To work on grip strength, we picked up our sandbagging dates and drug them to the nearest pine tree, flapjack to the other hand on the way back.

  • 20 4-count Rosalita’s
  • 100 Merkins (broke it up into 10’s)….Thanks Aruba!

Throwing the abacus aside Squirrel knew higher math was required and   thought a slide rule may be a better tool… wasn’t

  • 16 Wide Arm Merkins
  • 13 Chuck Norris Merkins        

Chitwood lost it a bit here….”Chuck Noriis Merkins, Elvis Merkins, Suck It Merkins….”  YHC barely got another merkin in I was laughing so hard!

  • 17 Derkins

To ensure our typing skills would be awesome today we worked on grip strength  again, we picked up our sandbagging dates and waltzed them to the nearest  pine tree, flapjack to the other hand on the way back.

  • 20 Incline Merkins
  • 12 Shoulder tap merkins…thank you Neo for the alternative to hand clap        merkins!!
  • 15 Lunge walks with our dates to put them neatly away again.

Prayers and Announcements:

  • If you’re interested in the upcoming group study “33 The Series” starting September 12that 0550 (coffee).36 weeks at 90 minutes a session of getting better through scripture and one another.
  • As our kids grow up we get to see the best and worst of them.  LORD, give us the patience to bear with our children, to listen, to be present to the drama – the tears – the smiles.  Let us use wisdom and know when to shut up and go clean our plates ;-).

With heavy arms, or weak shoulders or uplifted guts the BOM formed and Scout prayed us out.




As most of you know there has been a lot of medical issues and prayers throughout the Pax ranks this summer!  The prayers have been uplifting and amazing and through it all YHC was left with the question Why.  I can’t speak to each person’s faith journey, heck I’m confused enough with mine, so I merely post my thoughts and feelings in the hopes it touches part of what others may be questioning or feeling.

Why do I pray?  I’ve come to a place in my life that my prayers, when I am in the right mind, are conversations with God.  I believe that when I am praying “correctly” I am not asking for things, not demanding God fix this, and not bargaining that if God heals her/him I will do that.  When I turn to God and ask Him to walk with me through my happiness or suffering, adversity or joy, that is when my prayers are the best.  When I ask, through prayer, that He transform me (not others) to be His hands and feet here on Earth to do His work is when I know I am in the right place.

If prayer is my conversation with God why do I ask others to pray for me, or my Mom, or…..?  Why would I want to give up my conversations with the Lord?  Because [laughing] sometimes I like what other people’s prayers sound like better than mine.  When I’m in the dumps about the situation I don’t always see God’s hand in how he’s using it/me for the better.  I raise my fist, I turn away, I pout.  So, when others are praying for me, with/over/around/above below/through me I am bolstered by their faithfulness when mine has faltered.  F3 Sandhills Pax consistently step up to this task of prayer and lifting their brothers up!

What now?  Keep praying. Prayer not only strengthens our relationship with God, but when we pray with others it strengthens our bonds between us.