Cross Hill Partner Challenge

4 pax posted in the gloom at Cross Hill and got better.

PAX: Wrangler, McFly, Xbox, Bourne.

Q: Bourne

The warm-up consisted of an easy 1-mile lap followed by 10x IC Good Mornings, 15x IC CPs, 10x IC Inchworms, 10x IC Hillbillies, 10x IC AC/FJ. The pax then played a quick game of tag as a transition into the main event. During the lap, YHC gave Xbox a little ribbing for suggesting he might take it a bit easy ahead of the Beast this weekend. YHC assured him, that while he had intended to deliver a beat down, he would be more thoughtful and would not simply throw out 100 burpees for no good reason…


The pax partnered up and played a game of tag. 2 rules, must remain inbounds on tennis court and cannot run, but can walk really really fast. Getting tagged meant 5 SSH and becoming “it.” Then switched to 5x merkins,  and finally only walking backwards. After about 10 minutes of shenanigans and the pax letting down their guard, the main event began.

Main Event: Keeping the same partners (Wrangler/Xbox, McFly/Bourne), the pax embarked on a friendly 20-minute competition. The format was partner 1 would do 5 merkins, partner 2- 10 squats,  partner 1- 15 supines, and then both would do 1 burpee. On the next round, partner 2 would do 5 merkins, partner 1- 10 squats, partner 2- 15 spines, and both would do 2 burpees. This continued for 20 minutes, adding 1 burpee each round for as many rounds as possible (AMRAP). It was a close finish with one team completing 17 rounds and the other getting halfway into round 17. The pax recovered for the last 2 minutes with high and low plank. Wrangler led us out with prayers for health and happiness of immediate and extended families. Outstanding work, men, and thanks for the Cross Hill hospitality!


YHC remained honest with his promise of not doing 100 burpees for no good reason. Instead, the pax did somewhere between 136-153 burpees and for good reason … to whip the other team’s butt!

Bourne sends.

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