21 PAX woke up this morning, took the DRP, answered the call and got better because of it.

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: Sparky, Uncle Jesse, VonTrapp, Breaker, Scout, Chitwood, Josey, Aruba, Waldorf, Vault, Bowtie, CPT D, Sprocket, Kaffee, Quatro, Mel, Wrangler, Dockers, MadBum, Dos Equis

Warm Up:  SSH, Windmills

The Thang:  Rather than start with the obligatory jaunt around the AO the Q elected to do Plank for a like time period.  CPT D & Sprocket did the AO Crawl while the rest of the pax held plank. (30sec regular, 30sec elbow, 30 sec left side, 30 sec right side). The pax did enjoy watching Sprocket complete his Burpee penance for Wake Forest losing to Duke.


  • Tall side step ups 10 ea. leg
  • Tall side Derkins 10
  • Short side squats 20
  • Short side incline 20
  • And again Sprocket doing Burpee’s…..


  • Swerkins 10 OYO —- rest of Pax are planking
  • Bruce Lee
    • American Hammer 30 IC
    • Heels to Heaven 30 IC
    • LBC’s 30 IC
    • Freddy Mercury 30 IC
    • The 100 Duh….
    • WWII Situps 30 OYO
    • The pax were so gracious and helped Sprocket finish out his Burpee bet.

TO THE STREET:  jog, facing traffic, to Sunrise stage.  Break into two groups

  • 1’s Bear Crawl          2’s Plank
  • 1’s Plank 2’s Bear Crawl
  • ALL – Seal clap Merkin’s IC. YHC must admit at nine muscle failure set in and I had to drop to my knees to complete the Merkins. Rather that than poor form!

TO THE Police DEPT — pick up six — back to BB courts

Circle up and count off.

Prayers: for Waldorf as he travels overseas again, Poacher’s dad and Ahab’s daughter. As our souls reach out, when we are unable to put words to our prayer, at these times we have faith you above anyone know the ache, joy, pain, bliss, grief we need listened to.


WHAT: Weekend climbing trip

WHERE: Rocky Face State Park

WHO: All who are willin’

WHEN: April (date TBD).

HOW: We will leave out Saturday early, set up, safety and instruction and climb for the remainder of the day. Camp out Sat night, wake – worship of some sort, then climb until ~mid-afternoon. Sparky and Mel will have more information (i.e. packing list) as the weekend nears.


YHC is circling back to a topic from 6 December 2018.  

Concentrica; the circular rings formed by a man’s most Proximate relationships.  If you can imagine a bullseye (not F3 Sandhills Bullseye) and its rings, we shouldbe spending the majority of our time and effort on the bullseye.  That bullseye is the Lord and our wives, the M.  The next circle is our 2.0’s.  The next circle out is our Shield Lock, those men whom we have a peer relationship and a tight bond with.  The next, the F3 Pax – our whetstone and our friends.  The most outer circle is work.  I am sure you may be able to draw in some more circles, andI’m sure you get the point.

It’s the new year and we’ve doubled down to put more effort into our relationships with God and our wives.  The first shots(remember this is a shooting parable) hit closer to the center of the target.  As more shots are fired (the weeks go by) the hits tend to stray low and left of where we are aiming, forming an acceptable group, but not where intended.  So we move our sights (how we speak / act / listen / etc.), but that hasn’t helped. Here’s a couple things we can do as men to lead on steel.

Be consistent.  In the shooting world they’d say your misses (not your Mrs. 😉 stem from inconsistencies; how the pistol is gripped, the site picture, etc. 

When it comes to our Concentrica (wives, 2.0s, friends), showing up and putting in the work every single day is a good thing.  We voicelessly speak words of love to our wives when we are there for them every single day.  Through our consistency we prove our commitment.

Don’t flinch.  Flinching is the act of anticipating recoil, noise, and/or flash of firing a gun.  When you flinch, your hands tend to dip forward and down as you tense your body in effort to counter what’s coming.  Because of the recoil, most of us don’t realize they are even flinching in the first place.  

When we flinch, we miss the bullseye.  An example; we anticipate the recoil of our wives/2.0s when we deliver “the news”, whatever that may be.  We make up a story before the news is delivered.  If we shoot straight (always), tell the Truth (always), and have love at the center of the message we won’t flinch, we won’t….miss.  

Ok, last one. 

Follow through.  In shooting, follow through is one of thefundamentals of shooting.   Not following-through is probably the second most common mistake!!  

We started the year motivated to (get in shape, be a better husband, etc. etc.).  Don’t walk into the “motivation mine field”.  Motivation is of the mind; follow-through is practice. Motivation is conceptual; follow-through is practical.  The mind is required for motivation. But with follow through, the mind gets in the way.  If we want to follow-through on something we need to…..Stop Thinking and start doing!

Follow-through welds the shooting fundamentals- sight alignment and sight picture, breath control, hold control and trigger control-into one continuous action. 

Following-through reduces the chance that you will give up on the shot just as it is fired.  

Following-through reduces the chance that you will give up on your wife, your kid, yourself….