13 PAX took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it. 

QIC: Squirrel

The Pax: Chunk (aka Ted), Quigly (aka Robert), Fragile,  Guinness, Flying Tomato, Snuggles, FroYo, Mel, Sprocket, Caveman, a guest sighting of POACHER and his 2.0 Jeb!

 Warm Up:
SSH, Good Mornings, Arm circles and WIndmills

The Thang:  F3 HIIT.  Each round there was 40 seconds getting after it and 20 seconds “rest”

Round One:

  • Squats
    • “Rest” Jog in place
  • Lunges
    • Jog in place


Round Two:

  • Merkins
    • “Rest” SSH
  • LBD’s
    • SSH


Round Three:

  • Step Ups
    • Imaginary Jump Rope
  • Bulgarian Split Squats
    • Imaginary Jump Rope


Round Four:

  • Derkins
    • Jog in place
  • LBDs
    • Jog in place


Round Five:

  • Burpees
    • SSH
  • Alternating Side Squats
    • SSH


Round Six:

  • Incline Merkins
    • Imaginary Skiing (moguls)
  • LBDs
    • Imaginary Skiing (moguls)



By now the pax were getting low on gas and their minds began to wander.  The mumble chatter revolved around Endgame, time travel and Captain America.


Round Seven:

  • Curb calf raises
    • Jog in place
  • Jump squat
    • Jog in place


Mosey to Police Dept and back…picking up six along the way.

Prayers:   For the fallen heroes.  We pray that no heroes will ever have to die for us again. Monday is a day of thanks for the valor of others, a day to remember the splendor of America and those of her children who rest in the cemeteries in this great land we proudly call America and overseas.


  1. Welcome to FNG’s Ted (now Chunk from the movie Goonies) and Fragile’s son Robert (now Quigley from the movie Quigley Down Under)
  2. Next Friday is Beer Pouring for First Friday. Hit FroYo up for scheduling.
  3. Still time to sign up for the Spartan Sprint next weekend!


Moleskine:  Comfortable? 

So comfortable that you’re miserable?

Often the comfort zone = repetition.  “I’ve done this hundreds of times.  It’s easy.” Another way of saying it is, “I’ve done this hundreds of times.  I’m so bored that I’m un-motivated.”  

What’s the thread in the lines above?  Woven in there is I, I have, I am.  What’s not in there is leadership. 

Leadership isn’t what I can do about me.  It’s about what I can do to help others.  How well I can serve my wife, my daughter, my blade(s), the Pax.  It doesn’t matter how many Merkins Ican do if I am not stepping up and leading at home, at F3 or in my community.

If I can’t help others identify and take care of their problems, or to come together as a group to break bread together, or if I can’t summon enough men to help in the community then does it really matter how high my heart rate gets (no offense to our Garmin crew).

Leadership is about being a servant to those you lead.  Jesus is a fantastic teacher and we read it in the bible time and time again.  Paul too.  Living third.

Here’s the sucky part…..You don’t get to be a leader only when it’s convenient. It’s getting up at 0450 in January when it’s cold and maybe rainy ‘cause you’re the Q.  Or maybe your not the Q but you know not too many people will show and you want to lead by example….a first follower to encourage someone.

After spending 22 years wearing the uniform in service to our great nation, another 10 holding lucrative jobs and living a “comfortable” life, I gave up all that in response to what I believe was God’s call (at least for this season) and began to serve others in Christian ministry. My ministry?  Being a Handyman, of course.  I have questioned myself at times and people have asked me, “Why did I make such a decision and take this huge step backward”?  It is because I’ve realized (yes sometimes I forget) that the things of this world will never satisfy.  To find true purpose and satisfaction fix your eyes on the Lord—the source of all that we are and all that we have been blessed with.

So, the question is not whether you can live comfortably, but whether you are living a comfortable life…the one that truly pleases and honors God and leads others….

Uncomfortable now?  GOOD. 😉


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