Christmas Tree Hustle

12 PAX assembled the holiday gloom…

PAX: Scout, Squirrel, Mad Bum, Fragile, Meat Sweats, Poacher, Jeb, Highlander, Flying T, FNG Bunsen (Andrew Conrad), FNG Flintlock (Conrad )

QIC : FroYo

The Thang:

Warmups invited circulation into our extremities, particularly the goofballs.

Breaking up into groups of 4, we moseyed towards the closest Christmas Tree we could find on Broad Street, and kicked off a routine of :

5 burpees, 10 squats, 15 LBCs at each tree, from Pennsylvania to Connecticut.

A mosey back to Pennsylvania , where we broke up into 2 main groups, one to each side of the street. There were more Christmas trees to visit and appreciate ! QIC even let Fragile have input on the routine :

5 Merkins, 5 WW2 sit-ups at each tree, from Broad Street to the fire station.

  • Needing to get back, we karaoked and sprinted up the hill, with FNG Flintlock leading the way in the sprint!
  • Cool down with quick broga. COT with 2 FNGs to name, extended family of Highlander who was also in town. Welcome to FNGs Bunsen and Flintlock, who hail from Alabama.
  • Moleskin: The Christmas music may have left the airwaves, the decorations may be coming down, but God remains with us, Immanuel! Don’t you forget it.
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