Choices at PFT

Pax: Berry, Chum, Chitwood, Coobs, Josey, Fragile, Witch Doctor, Meat Sweats, and Zamboni (The Lone Rucker)

Q: Neo

10 Pax made the choice to climb out of our comfortable beds to embrace something difficult.

We started with a Mucho Chesto. 

We then proceded with a box trot followed by a set of bleachers.

The rest of the workout was full of choices.

At the bleachers, we could either choose:

   1. Normal up and down the bleachers OR

   2. Bear-crawl up the bleachers and lunge down                 them once.

At the pull up station, we could choose:

   1. 10 burpees OR

  2.  10 pull ups OR

  3. 8 pull-up- burpees ( you can blame Roadhouse)

Between exercises, the Pax ran 1.5 laps to the next station.

We gathered at the end for a quick broga.

YHC led us out in prayer.



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