Catching Up…..

7 Pax answered the call, took the Daily Red Pill and kept working toward Getting Right. 

The Pax:
Josey, Kaffee, Squirrel, Mad Bum, Captain D, Moneyball and Everest

Warm Up:  Quad stretch, Side stretch, Windmills, Good mornings, and calf stretch

The Thang:        

1mile warm up jog until the group reached Squirrel (who was walking)

Bleachers for Pelvic Drop, 10 each leg.  Finish running bleachers.

1 mile jog + a little bit until the group caught Squirrel, who was still walking

Plank for 1 minute, 10 sec rest, Elbow plank 30 sec.

1/2 mile jog + a little bit until the group caught Squirrel, Who-Was-Still-Walking

20 Merkins

1/2 mile jog                        

Finished it off with some Imperial Walkers and Hillbilly’s

Announcements:  This past Saturday eight of the Sandhills Pax took on Myrtle Beach.  Some for the full marathon, most for the 1/2.  No matter the distance it was quite the accomplishment!  



I had a completely different Moleskine planned for this Q and when reading, “A Life of Being, Having and Doing Enough“, by Wayne Muller it changed. 

What rang true for me, at varying degrees and during different seasons of life, was in my rush against time to “catch up” I missed so much.  As Muller writes, “we are in a trance to just keep moving, get going at full speed ahead, the ubiquitous “I’m late, “I’m late” as each of us plays the white rabbit, watch in hand, scurrying off to no one ever quite knows where.” Or to do what.

I’ve gotten up before the alarm clock already “behind” and I haven’t even started the day.  How sad is that?  I rushed into the fray of the day to get “caught up” to do what was best for my wife, my kids, my friends, my community.  At the end of the day it often felt I was even more behind. 

Back to the 2.0’s.  As I look back, since Annina is much older now and Lucas, well, he will never age, I see the want to do my best for them.  Often, I felt I didn’t give enough, ask enough or schedule enough [stuff].  My 2.0’s were having a full, rich life just as they were.  As Muller points to, “I didn’t have to push more and more into their growing lives.  I just needed to be still and listen to what they say, what they know, what they ask.  More than additional classes, lessons, adventurers or toys our 2.0’s will let us know what they want most —- our presence.”  Yep, there’s a tinge of regret in my review mirror.  

Our wives want that same presence as well.  Not scheduled time, like just another appointment on your already packed calendar, but your companionship.   They want your presence, your full attention, as if nothing in the world matters more to you than them.  My M tells me, “You’re the place I’m most me”.  Who doesn’t want to be the truest them?  Give that gift to your M!

How do we do this?  This “being present”.  It looks different for each person and each relationship, so I don’t have THE answer.  What I can tell you for sure is you can’t rush it!  You have to slow down, observe, be peaceful in the unknowing.  Don’t allow the mind to run away and tell you “dude, you could be getting so much done rather than sitting here…”  The mind cannot come to rest on one thing, so use your breath to focus.  Be in the moment with those in front of you, be in the holy moment, the present moment.

The question I leave you with is….What are we trying so hard to catch up to?


We build better men by embracing hard things together.

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