Cashmere Buchinksy and I Never Saw It Coming

The truth is, with the reality of an hour long workout on Saturday, there is sometimes occasion for PAX to not give the workout their ALL.  And now that BRR training is upon us, there’s even more opportunity to let the intensity slide off the bun and fall into a puddle of sad, slow, and mustard and bun crums.


PAX: froyo, captain D, Mcfly, guiness, striker, little warrior, neo, tomato, cafee, aruba

10 Pax hit the sunny side of Southern Pines and for sure got better.  QIC arrived with a certain green knapsack, drawing attention and a level of concern from the PAX as they pondered over what beatdown entree awaited them.  Salivating at the thought, they started with…

Warmup of Goofballs, Cotton Pickers, Hillbillies, Arm Circles (and flapjack), and 2 rounds of around the clock (to accommodate Captain D’s need for a balanced universe).

Next we partnered up for cliffhanger Merkins on the wall, 25 each, oyo, switcheroo, and repeato.  Solid-O.  Captain D did find a conventient moment to go give Refill the head count for coffeteria #twice.

A mosey to the Southern Pines Primary field led way to a revealing of the green bag’s contents.  An F3 hat, a tennis ball, and a weinke. Yet this was no standard weinke. No, this weinke was printed on cardstock and featured the likeness of one…

Image result for charles bronson

That’s right, Charles Bronson.   Known originally as Charles Buchinsky, and know to my family as Cashmere Buchinsky.  A U.S. Veteran turned actor, he received the Purple Heart for an act of valor during WW2.  TCLAPS Charles Bronson.

Back to the Charles Bronson Routine: The F3 hat marked point 3, the tennis ball marked point 2, and the Weinke marked point 1. At point 1, PAX performed 50 SSH’s, sprinted to 2nd point, then army crawled to 3rd point. Moseyed back to start, 50 Merkins then rinse/repeat. 50 burpees, rinse/repeat. 50 LBC’s, rinse/repeat. Finish with 50 Jump Squats rinse/repeat. QIC added American Hammers to the rundown, just to make sure all had opportunity to keep up with our annual challenge.

Returned to the park for partner bar hangs, partner situps, a round of mary, and a closeout with BOM and COT.

Once again, PAX did work today, especially those who posted first for the BRR run at 5am.  Keep it going men, there’s more to come.