Captain’s Shoes Save the PAX

12 Pax posted for the Flagship and got their weekend off to a strong start.

Pax: Captain D, Flying Tomato, Fro Yo, Mel, Seeker, Kaffee, Guinness, Dockers, Fragile, Neo, Scout, Vault


Warm up lap followed by IC COP exercises:
15X IW, 10X GM, Seeker led 20X SSH, 15X AC and Flapjack

Start moseying approximately 4 blocks.

Pick up 6 and Sprint a block
FroYo led exercises – 10X Iron Mike’s, 20X Goofballs
Mosey 3 blocks, Sprint up NY
To the playground
Neo led exercises – 10X Burpees, IW Squats X 10, 10X WWII sit-ups
To the wall for Peoples Chair with Sandhills Creed (slightly altered with reference to Tomato’s age)
Back to playground for 6MOM
15X Dollies
15X Rosie’s
15X FM
100 X LBC
Plank and Brostertag
Mosey to tennis courts
Bear crawl full length, Crab walk back
m’s on both sides
Circle up on Tomato
20X Burpees
10X Dying Cockroaches
10X Oblique Vups (each side)
Mosey double block back to start


The plan was for a sprinting Stronghold but Captain’s choice to keep his hiking boots on saved the Pax 10-12 sprints as YHC didn’t want to be responsible for a foot injury. Tclaps to Seeker for working hard the whole workout.

As always a pleasure to lead the Pax.


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