Bumble olympics


Total Recall, Quatro, Sprocket, Sparky, 3 Rivers, Guinness, Hammerhead, FroYo, Ostertag, Moneyball, Chitwood, Bumble, Uncle Jesse, Kaffee, cpt d, vault


Warm up lap

Polaroid warmup along with sprinter merkins and arm circles  threw in hillbillies and imperial walkers

4 x 400 relay teams doing merkins, lbc’s and partner carries.

Trip to the first bank for a few trips on the L. Bear crawls and lunges twice along with a few odd numbered lbc sets.

Back to the court with 4 springer merkin intervals

big finish with jailhouse rock for bum long flutters and believe merkins for sprocket


Lots of charter early until a heavy d rant resulted in burpee penalty for the pax.  All performed beautifully after that with fear of greatness by froyo during partner carry,  carrying cpt d sideways and both three rivers and Bumble demonstrating speed bear crawl technique at least one interval.

Ultimately wounds were healed with an Elvis interlude and weighty enemies renewed their kinship.  Believer merkin finish may have finished the q for the day  great work in the gloom

gold medals for everyon