Pax. Breaker, flying tomato, chitwood, Neo, Madbum, Stryker, cpt d. Mel, colt at the end.

Qic. Cpt d

thang:  cinderblock training. Partner fifty ploy merkins with 25 yard circle runs between turns. Followed by 50 overhead presses and 50 squats. Finishing with 100 4 count flutter kicks. Circle runs in between.

10 burpee Bumble penalty

Ketlle walks with partner lunch then made the circle alternating every 10. Another round with squat press walks and lunges.

Finished with block bench press 10 oyo with lbc variations.

Quality beatdown with limited complaining. Colt came late with the flag and Mel didn’t shoot him this time. Cot reminded us of the fragilness of life and the grace and glory awaiting all of us.


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