Aruba, Aruba??? He is present Squirrel

After a great turn out for Blair Witch.  Especially Madbum, after there has been concern he might be late for his own funeral.

I know it isn’t Elvis, but it was the best I could do.

The PAX:  Aruba, Squirrel, Vault, Breaker, Tomato (SpiderMan), Sparky, Sprocket, Fro-Yo, Scout, Quattro, Striker, Ostertag , Uncle Jesse, McFly, and MadBum.

Q: Waldorf

Warm up – lap around the block followed by Good Mornings, Windmills, Arm Circles (and flapjack), Cherry Pickers (or as you call them, Cotton Pickers), and 25 4 count SSH.

The Thang:

Taking it to the streets for a jogover the the train station.  Hit your 6 for LBCs, and Freddy Mercurys.

Head to the park for a Vault led Sandhills Creed while we held up the wall.  After the creed, the PAX was ready to get off, the wall, but we needed a 10 count before that.

Head to the park for some LBCs, Freddy Mercurys, and some Long Slow Flutter.  This is where we were asked and reminded, yes, Aruba was still here. Good work Aruba.  

Last item of the day was to partner up and do a Dora.

100 Merkins

200 Squats

300 lunges

This was my favorite part of the workout because I was told “give me some hope, it has to be close to 6,” and told “I don’t like you” during my Q.  That boys is a successful workout.

Head back to the basketball court for 5 OYO burpees, and some SSH.

Tomato (SpiderMan) prayed us out, and Sparky said we should all go see Indivisible.

As always, thanks for the fellowship and fitness.