Six Pax, took the DRP this morning, answered the call and got better because of it.

The Pax:  Squirrel, Fragile, CPT D, Meat Sweats, Freebird and Josey

Warm Up:

Loosen up the back – Stretch the calves – Stretch the hammies – Stretch, stretch, stretch

25 Merkins OYO

Box Trot 1 mile

25 Merkins OYO, LBCs

Box Trot until cool down

Cool Down:

Bruce Lee…25 each:

WWII, Heels to Heaven, Freddy Mercury, Long Slow Flutter and Hello Dolly’s


         Apathy:  noun.  The absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement.

First – I want to lift up ALL the F3 Sandhills men that completed the GrowRuck this past weekend.  What a physical feat, an amazing accomplishment and one you should be proud of.

 The next thing I want to do is apologize for my lack of leadership.  I was witness to something that at the time I thought was wrong and I did nothing about it.  I did not perform the necessary on-the-spot-corrective action.  The thing?

Watching the cadre curse at the men of F3 Sandhills (and our guests) like they were dirt.  What I didn’t see, but heard later, was they also were screaming F-bombs at our 16 year old Caveman. 

Adam (from the bible Adam) failed as a Leader.  Adam sat on the bench and did not act.  The world was about to fall apart and he didn’t  –  do  –  anything!  We don’t know why.  Maybe he was too into what he is doing to notice or care what’s going on around him.  Maybe he was afraid because he hadn’t ever had to stand up to anything.  Fear paralyzes.  Maybe he just wasn’t passionate about being a leader.

Whatever the reason – it was a failure of Leadership. I, like Adam, watched and said nothing. 

I know this may be a bit of a stretch to some of you but try to follow.  Who were the apathetic people as the Jews were carted off to concentration camps?  These people that were “passive” or “indifferent?”  They were people who did not speak out when they witnessed the persecution of individuals targeted simply because they were Jewish.  I was “them” this past weekend.

What happened Saturday is an entirely different situation, but the principle of it is the same.  And leadership isn’t just doing the right, and often difficult, thing in the big situation; it starts with the small, mundane, everyday things.  The little things add up to big things.

And about the cursing…I’m not saying I never curse.  Heck, I’ve made up curse words when I ran out of the ones I knew.  The shock of cursing wears off and becomes second hat.  That’s why they do it in Basic Training or in war to shock you into movement.  We do things differently here in F3 Sandhills.  We hold one another accountable through building up – not tearing down, through encouragement – not demeaning one another. 

At the foundation of the Q Source is Language; “every Effective group has its own Language and that leaders use the linguistic tools they need to Effectively influence movement to Advantage within the group.”  F3 has a Lexicon.  We learned about this on Saturday morning in GrowSchool.  Funny….I couldn’t find any curse words being in the F3 Lexicon.  The closest thing was Bullcrap.  So how do we use curse words to effectively influence movement to advantage?

Please accept my apology for my lack of leadership this weekend.  You deserve better.

Were you like me when the F-Bombs were being dropped?  On a 16 year old Sandhills Pax nonetheless?  Did you sit by and say nothing? 

Sit with that a bit.

I don’t need to know the answer.  You know it.


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