America’s Pastime

It was a beautiful crisp morning to get better. 13 of us did just that. 

Yeti – Josey and Berry

Pax – Kirby, Napalm, Josey, Capt. D, Mad bum, Scout, Guinness , Flying Tomato, Neo, Chitwood, Samsonite, Special guest Mayhem

(Kirby 9 years old. You did an amazing job)

Q- Berry

Warm up

  • Arm circles
  • Windmills
  • High knees

Mosey to Baseball field 

Round 1

Mode of transportation; Imperial walkers

  • 1st Base – Merkins IC X10
  • 2nd Base – Merkin jacks IC X10
  • 3rd Base – Merkin wipers OYO X10

Round 2

Mode of transportation; High Knees

  • 1st Base – Outlaws IC X10
  • 2nd Base – X’s & O’s OYO X20
  • 3rd Base – LBC IC X20 

Round 3

Mode of transportation; Bear crawl

  • 1st Base – Side straddle hops IC X20
  • 2nd Base – Squats OYO X45
  • 3rd Base to Home plate – Broad jump burpees 

Mosey back to parking lot to circle up

Sally push up challenge via youtube video

It was at time time that I realized it was 0600, we had another 15 min left with no more planned exercises. 

Lesson learned – Plan more exercises than you believe you will need. Then plan a few more. 

Next portion was Pax choice exercises. 

Prayer requests- Continue to remember Josey’s and Fro yo’s families. Be praying for a positive outcome for Flying Tomato’s daughter. Keep the Atlanta Braves in your prayers this next week. 

Neo prayed us out. 


I appreciate the opportunity to lead you in the gloom this morning. I continue to gain respect for those who lead the workouts. Building and leading a beatdown for a group of ironclad warriors is harder than it appears. I challenge anyone who has not or has not in awhile, to sign up to lead. It will develop you as a leader and give the Men who fill the calendar with their time, a break. 

Below are two principles from the F3 team;

  • We do not show up at F3 for ourselves. We show up for the man standing beside each of us.
  • Workouts are to be led by men who participate in the workouts in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary


America’s Pastime

Game 1 tonight on Fox 8pm

Atlanta Braves face the  houston astros


How we got here




Lets go Bravos!!


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