9 Strong at Outpost

Pax: Striker, Scout, Captain D, Aruba, Rafiki, Madbum, Josey, Froyo

Q: Neo

9 Pax came out to the gloom to get strong.  It was a surprising 60degrees F!

Striker and Madbum failed to check the weather and were layered—but hey they were on time.

We started with a warm up run.  We then circled up for windmills, cotton pickers, arm circles, and mountain climbers.

We mosied over to pick up a sandbag and headed to Camelot.

We did 5 sets: 5 x burpee pullups, 10x merkins, 15 x squats.

We then did 3 sets: 15x IC weighted calf raises (using sandbag) and 10x IC LBDs

We then mosied to the field.

We broke into 3 groups of 3 Pax.  

Set #1 (performed twice): run , LBCs, long slow flutters

Set #2(performed twice) run, elbow plank, shoulder taps

We then circled up for Roxanne.  Merkins on “Roxanne” and plank jacks on “red light”. 

Striker led us out in prayer.

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