Q – Dockers

Pax – Scout, Beano, & Rubik

                                   Theme:  7-11…very convenient.

The thang:  warm up lap, warm ups in the court 7 and 11.

Why do you go to 7/11?  For a beer run down to the train station where we began in partnership of doing 7-11 exercises.  Knocking 300 merkins and something else. ( It’s been a while)

More beer run for the to get to a place for Jacob’s ladder to finish up the last 411.  There were slurpee burpees, WWII sit-ups, merkins, side straddle hops, and more.  Finished up with broga at the court.


Seven Eleven is a convenience store.  But honestly, should life as Christians be convenient?  As F3 Sandhills we are about embracing hard things together.  That sure doesn’t sound convenient.  So, what else in our life isn’t convenient?

1.  Being a leader.
2.  Honoring and cherishing our spouse.
3.  Having children.  (Cleaning up barf at 3 am and the kid forgot to lift up the toilet lid…what the…)
4.  Being iron that sharpens iron.
5.  Apologizing.
6.  Taking responsibility.
7.  Rejecting passivity.
8.  Leading courageously,
9.  Believing in the eternal good.
10.  Burpees.  Ugh.
11.  Asking for help. 
12.  Dying to oneself.
And more.

Yet, all of these are work worth doing.  In fact, it’s holy work.  So, let’s forget convenience and do inconvenient work with God’s  grace, vigor, and love! 

Love all you inconvenient peeps!

💜, Dockers


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