52 Card Pick Up

7 PAX answered the (virtual) call this morning, took the DRP, and got better because of it. 

 QIC: Meat Sweats

 The Pax: Captain D, Wrangler, Squirrel, Cage, Froyo, and Jesse.

 Warm Up:  15x Good Mornings, SSH, Daisy Pickers, Windmills, Arm Circles, Finkle Swings, and Floor Sweepers.

The Thang:

52 Card Pick Up

PAX selects a card and leads corresponding exercise and number of reps

Diamonds = 5 reps

Hearts = 10

Spades = 15

Clubs = 20

  1. Merkins
  2. LBCs
  3. Burpees
  4. WWII Sit Ups
  5. American Hammers
  6. Long Slow Flutter
  7. Side Saddle Hop
  8. Hillbillies
  9. Freddie Mercuries
  10. Squats

Jack          Jackees (Burpee Variation with SSH at the top instead of just a jump)

Queen      Lunges

King          Gorilla Humpers (legs wider than Monkee Humpers

Joker        Mucho Chesto (10 x Merkin / 10 x Wide Merkin / 10 x Diamonds /

10 Stagger Merkin Left / 10 Stagger Merkin Right.)

Ace           PAX choice


Announcements:  “Better Men Meetings” are starting on April 29 at 6:15 AM via Zoom. Contact Captain D, Squirrel, or Froyo for more information.

May Ruck Challenge is starting soon.  Send your favorite ruck moves/exercises to Froyo.  Details to follow on GroupMe.

Prayer Requests: For healing for Kathryn Wells.

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