5 Things I Like About Captain D

19 strong men decided that attending my Q was a better idea than staying in bed.  Maybe this was the motivation.  

Whatever the reason, I was glad everyone showed up, and great to see some familiar faces we hadn’t seen in a while (mine included).  

The Pax:  Fragile, Wrangler, Scout, Dockers, Neo, Flying Tomato, McFly, Squirrel, Vault, Captain D, Rafiki, Baby Ruth, Uncle Jesse, Sparky, Fro Yo, Aruba, Chitwood, and Bowtie.  

Q:  Waldorf

Warm Up

  • Lap around the block
  • 15 IC windmills
  • 15 IC imperial walkers
  • 10 IC arm circles and flapjack
  • Mini-chesto OYO

The Thang

  • 10 LBDs
  • 10 steps ups each leg OYO
  • x2
  • Indian run through Southern Pines
  • Karaoke up Pennsylvania and Ashe
  • To the playground for 
    • 25 4 count LBCs
    • 25 4 count American Hammers
    • 20 OYO WWII sit ups
    • x2
  • To the wall for two sets up wall sits
  • Partner up and pick out a jump rope for:
    • 100 squats
    • 200 pair of lunges
    • 10 burpees while partner jumped rope (x2)
  • Back to the basketball court for some brief stretching

Before I close, 5 things I like about Captain D, in no particular order:

  1. He lets me be a jerk so he doesn’t have to be
  2. When he wants to say something that he knows he shouldn’t say, he lets me say it first (usually at a higher volume)
  3. He always allows for a polite pause to see if I want to add something that shouldn’t be said before continuing his conversation,
  4. He has never told me it is too early for an “f-bomb”, and 
  5. He knows my love language is “words of F-irmation.”


  • Special post event on Saturday – check GroupMe for details
  • Beer pour on 10/4


  • Bulleye’s wife
  • Bourne’s knee

Flying Tomato prayed us out; with a lot of well meaning mumble chatter from Captain D. 

I am out of town for the next two weeks boys, but keep posting.  I have my eyes on you, and my finger hanging over this button:

Good work all!





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