HIIT Illness

Ten Pax, took the DRP this morning to work on Getting Right

The Pax: Meat Sweats, Squirrel, CPT D, Kaffee, Seeker, Roadhouse, Guinness, FroYo, Vault and Scout

Warm Up:  Windmills and Good Mornings

The Thang: 20 seconds of work — 10 seconds of rest


Peter Parker (plank – left knee to left elbow, flare foot.. flapjack)

LS Flutter

Hello Dollies (Low)

American Hammers

Repeato for 4 rounds

—- 1 minute REST —- Mozey to the wall




Incline Merkin

Moroccan Nightclub

Repeato for 4 rounds

—- 1 minute REST —- Mozey to the field



Rosalitas (High)

Freddy Mercury’s

WWII Situps

Repeato for 4 rounds

—- 1 minute REST —-

ROUND 4, HIIT the bricks

Overhead press

Seal Clap Merkins

Moroccan Nightclub

Reverse shoulder raises (bricks to the back)

Repeato for 4 rounds


WWII Situps

Freddy Mercury’s

American Hammers

X’s & O’s

Repeato for 4 rounds

Cool Down – BROGA

Meat Sweats led us out in prayer from a modified BOM.

MOLESKINE:  Sick of it……

Some of you listen to the radio or news or maybe check the internet to see what’s going on outside our amazing county.  I’ll bet most of it is about the Corona Virus.  Well, I’m sick of it!  For those of you in the medical profession, I feel for you!

So rather than focus on being sick, YHC will point you to nature, to get outside, to HIIT the bricks 😉  It’s clear our physical beatdowns, our runs, rucks, etc. reduce stress.  We could do this in a gym but, there’s something about being in nature, the feel of the dirt, the dew on your back that just feels right.

I’m not saying to put your head into the Sand(hills) and block the world out, I’m just indicating that hyper-focusing on it isn’t likely so good.  So rather than wait for the next thing to happen, get out there and move in nature.  Rather surrounding  ourselves with technology which pulls our attention in so many ways….don’t.  Our brains are not made for this kind of information bombardment.  It leads to mental fatigue, overwhelm, burnout.  

So don’t squirrel yourself away and hope the virus passes by.  Get out in nature be inspired by God’s great works, feel the wonder of it all and realize once again that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.


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